10 of the best Nigerian restaurants in London

Nigerians pride themselves on cooking some of the best food in west Africa, so it should be no surprise that there are a number of Nigerian restaurants across London offering some delicious dishes. There’s such a range to explore – from traditional establishments that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into Lagos to high-end restaurants that experiment with Nigerian cuisine as an influence, rather than as a base. They all have menus that provide a range of delicacies from the four corners of Nigeria and its many tribes. Here are 10 of the best Nigerian restaurants in the capital.

1. 805 Restaurant

This spot on Old Kent Road has great ambience for all occasions, be it a date, catch-up with friends or a family dinner. Every dish on the menu is great, but I’d recommend the tilapia. They also have a branch in Hendon, north London.

Julius Agwu @ Enish Restaurant

2. Enish

Located in Lewisham, with a new restaurant in Finchley, this restaurant is great for hosting private parties. A dish that’s proven a hit among reviewers is their isi ewu, or goat head – a popular meal from east Nigeria. Also checkout chapman, a delicious Nigerian cocktail.

3. Lolak Afrique

This establishment is what Nigerians may call a typical ‘buka’. A buka is a place that provides the most traditional and authentic Nigerian dishes. I’ve yet to taste a better egusi soup (a dish that tends to contain ground seeds, vegetables, meat and dried fish) than the one I tasted here. You can find Lolak Afrique just off Rye Lane in Peckham.

4. Tasty

Tasty is fast-becoming one of the largest Nigerian takeaway franchises in the UK. They currently have branches – some eat-in, some take away only – across London, Kent and Essex as well as one in Dartford. Some even deliver. Hurrah. If you want just a standard, no-nonsense, delicious jollof rice with beef, this is your joint.

5. Obalende Suya Express

This takeaway restaurant in the heart of Peckham, right on the High Street, is your one-stop-shop for everything suya. Suya is essentially very spicy meat skewers. I personally recommend the goat suya.

6. Eko

On Friday nights, if you like music with your food, head down to Homerton High Street in east London. Not only will you have a top menu to choose from, but you’ll also have the chance to listen to Nigerian music played live.

7. Squires

Squires is a chain restaurant with six branches in east London, Essex and south London. Some of their menu options are gluten-free – Nigerian cuisine can be notoriously unaccommodating for special dietary requirements. They also deliver on Uber Eats and Just Eat.

8. K’s Spice

Tucked away in a Zone 6 town called Erith in south-east London, K’s Spice is a great place to hang out with your mates. There’s a TV in the main area, so often you’ll find people watching music channels or the football. I recommend their fish pepper soup, if you like something spicy.

9. Mama Africa

One of the few Nigerian restaurants in north-west London, Mama Africa serves as a lifeline for those who can’t make it all the way down to the other side of the river. Also, they open until late on weekends.

10. Ikoyi

If you have an open mind (and an open wallet) try this restaurant set in the heart of St James’s in central London. Its menu is fusion cuisine with a Nigerian influence, so you won’t find party-style jollof rice here. But if you’re up for trying something with a Naija twist, and don’t mind breaking the bank a little, you may want to pay a visit.

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