Tomi Odunsi & Seun Fadina’s Registry Wedding

Actress Tomi Odunsi and fitness expert Seun Fadina just had their registry wedding over the weekend.

It was intimate and sweet. After they exchanged vows, the bride changed outfits and the couple, family and friends had a delicious meal by a private Chef DML.

Here are the photos by B.Lawz Studios.Tomi-Odunsi-and-Seun-Fadina-Registry-Wedding_August-2016_3Tomi-Odunsi-and-Seun-Fadina-Registry-Wedding_August-2016_2 Tomi-Odunsi-and-Seun-Fadina-Registry-Wedding_August-2016_5

Latest Interview: “I know the daughter of whom i am”Tomi-Odunsi-and-Seun-Fadina-Registry-Wedding_August-2016_1Tell us about growing up?
Growing up was fun, I remember my song book was like my diary, my experiences were written as songs. I laugh when I read them. I also remember remixing popular music and sing alongside my sister. It made us really happy. We had so much fun.
How easy was it for you to play the role of Salewa?
No role is ever easy, and Salewa was definitely one role that took me completely out of myself.
It wasn’t an easy one. I had to switch to a local Yoruba dialect to enable me play Salewa convincingly. I immersed myself in the character. I went in search of the diction. I actually went to the market to meet with women from that tribe. I was taught how to speak like them and I practiced. It was a lot of fun so I enjoyed it regardless of the challenge. Thanks to the directors, they were quite patient with me.
I went to the market, where I knew a lot of Ilorin people were based. I stayed with them for a week pretending to be a research student. I asked a lot of questions and they were willing to teach a lot about their language and culture. I also observed them. That helped a lot too.
Aside Tinsel, have you majored in any other home video or soap?
I have featured in other movies and stage plays, some of which were out in the cinemas. Movies like; Beneficence the movie, Render to Caesar, in the music. And presently, there is a new docu-drama called Runs. It is coming out soon.
You are also into music, tell us about it?
I started in the industry as a music artiste and while waiting for my turn to blow. I did a lot of stage performances where I could sing, write music and also act at the same time. And that was where Tinsel found me. So far, I have had a couple of songs out and well-received and appreciated by my fans. Currently, I have a new single, Wanano which is receiving a lot of airplay at the moment.
Wanano is highly influenced by the 60s swing style. It’s all about a girl who is unsure about what she feels for a particular boy.
I love music; I started by composing and writing my own songs a long time ago. Music and acting for me is the package. It’s performing arts. Your talents are God-given and He expects you to use them. I love music as much as I love acting. That’s who I am. It’s not an experiment; it’s what I know that I can do very well. I’ll keep working hard till it yields fruits. I’m not alone in this. God is in support; my team knows my strengths and believes in me.
How have you been able to handle fame, considering the fact that you are still young in the game?
I am from a well-grounded family background, I know the daughter of whom I am… And with God’s grace, guidance, I am coping quite well.
Who are your mentors?
My Mentors vary from several industries as it directly or indirectly applies to the entertainment industry.
How did you feel presenting alongside top actors at AMVCA 2015?
I only presented an award to one of the categories and it felt very good.
Aside acting, are you thinking of going into productions too?
Yeah, production is one of the things I will definitely look into later. Presently I am focusing on my career as an actor and musician.
With your young look, are there fears that you can be taken advantage of by men while working?
(Laughs) No one would dare!
As a young and promising actor, how did you parent react to your choice of career?
My parents supported me all the way. My dad is a lecturer while my mum is a businesswoman. I have a brother and sister. I didn’t have to convince my parents to allow me to tow this path. My family has supported me all the way. They didn’t even have to see me act before accepting my choice of career because they believe in me and my talent.
What is the concept behind the song Papi?
The song Papi is me lending my voice to the child not bride cause.
As a youth, what are your plans as a role model?
Through the Tomi Odunsi Initiative, help young people achieve their dreams.
Would you give up acting for any other thing?
No, never.
Are you thinking of settling down soon?
Settling down is all in God’s hands.
Many are of the opinion that scandals help celebrities.
There other ways to be relevant. Through hard work, determination and persistence, you can be known all over with the good works you are doing.

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