• “Everybody has the need to be listened to and be fully understood.”

Everything about a relationship is built around communication.
It plays a vital role in sustaining or breaking the relationship.
The lack of communication in any relationship whatsoever will lead to its failure.

Communication is everything in life. Life cannot be interesting without communication. In fact, without effective communication, life is meaningless. Communication helps us give and receive information from our partner. As couples, we communicate with each other not only face to face, but also through body language, writings and symbols.

Just as oxygen is to the body, communication is also vital in determining the quality of relationship we have with each other especially in business and family.

It takes two people to have an effective and productive conversation at any level. This implies that for people or couples to have a solid relationship, they must ensure that communication is put in the heart of that relationship to start with.

Two people cannot walk together except they agree and the only thing that makes that possible is effective communication.

Couples should be able to feel free to talk about things without their partner feeling undermined, disregarded or disrespected on a view that may be sensitive to him or her.

Observably, one of the main reasons why relationships don’t work effectively is because people are not talking or are refusing to communicate as they should. Hence, this causes each other pain and frustration within the relationship.

It is true that people are different on the basis of their backgrounds, values, outlooks or views (perceptions) which create different comfort zones for them. So, talking about issues or challenges within the relationship is seen as a hurdle.

This then discourages them from talking about serious issues within their relationship because they do not want to be seen by their partners as nagging or causing trouble.

When people fail to talk about issues within their relationships, it creates unnecessary misunderstanding, distance, indifference and even competition, aggression and verbal violence towards each other simply because issues have not been discussed.

Relationship is the centre of our lives and it takes communication to express the love we have for each other. When this is achieved, it can easily lead to feelings of joy for being together, light heartedness, inner peace, contentment with life, a deep inner wisdom with each other.

Therefore, this article is written to help rebuild relationships that are on the verge of break-up. It serves as a fence-builder to prevent other relationships from falling into the ditch of separation especially when the partners pay attention to effective communication.

Although it is a fact that some people find it difficult to talk about some vital personal experiences especially subjects like their childhood relationships and how it ended up badly, or their past life due to negative flashbacks or hurts, it is my heart’s desire that after reading this book, partners will relearn and learn how to talk to each other more regardless of the challenging issues.

This will develop love and affection for each other as they embrace their various differences; communicate more effectively and openly without fear but in respect to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings that have plagued many relationships causing hurt, anger, confusion and painful divorce over the years.


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