5 Reasons why we’re obsessed with Scandal!

Like it or not, the Scandal! characters we love, hate and admire have unapologetically invaded our spaces and we love every minute of it. In fact, we can’t get enough of this soapie, we even find ourselves watching it again on e On Demand.
Why have we allowed these strangers into our lives? And why are we loving the soapie so much that we can’t get enough of it?
1. The secrets
Well, we all have a little secret. To see Kingsley and Dintle keeping secrets from their spouses makes us feel like we’re not alone. To see Naledi keeping a well-known secret from Boniswa, makes us understand why we’ve kept secrets from our loved ones, too. *runs and hides*Secrets

2. It’s the scandals!
The truth is: we are a judgmental world. When we see Lucas and Dintle having an affair behind Mangi’s back, it makes us feel like we’re better people than them. Seeing Maletsatsi falling off her Christian morals and sleeping with Lucas, has us comforted – knowing nobody is perfect. #Sigh
3. We identify with the characters
Mangi being whacked by life could be our current or past situation. Gloria could be the selfish friend we have. Dintle and Yvonne could be that self-serving neighbour we know and hate. And, Zinzile could be the mother we know. Do we hate Lucas because he represents that inner-demon we try to destroy by all means? #DeepQuestions
4. It’s funny!
Come on, admit it! As much as we’re against Dintle’s moral conduct, she says and does the funniest and most notorious things. Gloria might annoy us, but she is damn hilarious. #LOLzblesser Scandal-600x400_0

5. It’s escapism
Our lives are not always perfect and it feels good to escape to someone else’s world, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. It also feels good to know you’re not suffering alone. Does it not feel good to empathise with someone else, even if it’s a fictional character?

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