Pleasures Magazine, an all glossy custom magazine with a focus on Entrepreneurial’s success story, luxury and events.


Pleasures Magazine  consider itself quite fortunate to be in the position it occupy today as mouth piece of Africa, telling Africa story in an exceptional way. Correcting the wrong impression that whenever Africa is mentioned, most people think of only a prism of war, corruption, disease, poverty and hunger.

žOur Africa of course has much more to offer than these, the beauty that nature has bestowed on this continent cannot be overlooked. Our Africa is rising through tech, entrepreneurship, improvements in infrastructure, health and education. Hence we are poised to let the world know of the true Africa through our platform and of over thirty online news sites and newspapers across Africa to project the good image of the continent.

žAs a media organization, we share a deep belief in the inherent value and dignity of the African people and a commitment to DELIBERATELY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY, unlocking the potential of the continent.

žPleasures magazine seek to change the narrative about Africa from one of Underdevelopment and Overwhelming poverty to one of Opportunity and Prosperity.

We communicate to thousands of the World’s Wealthiest through our Print Medium,  our deliveries are via courier service -DHL and we talk to millions of Lower, Middle and High Net Worth Aspirational individuals via our over 40 international media partners and digital channels.

Our traditional Publishing division element, offers a truly unique opportunity as a specialist publisher that has been established for 7 years and produces a  luxury lifestyle coffee table book six times per annum, which plays a pivotal role in the promotion of Africa.

Pleasures Magazine’s multi-media communication reach via print and our digital landscape boasts such a broad demographic spectrum that our ability to demonstrate a valuable return on investment and proven engagement for any brand is more apparent than ever.

This pattern of proven success is demonstrated by the consistent reinvestment from various recognised brands who chose to advertise with us and include the likes of some power house names such as; DHL, Hamilton Grand, Cyrus, Dolce & Gabbana, Smallbone, Giampiero Bodino, Empire Aviation Group, Rwanda Tourism Board, Domazur Luxuries to name a very select few from our partner portfolio.

While many traditional publications have moved exclusively across to digital, luxury lifestyle publishers such as Pleasures Magazine continue to deliver the best of both worlds and still provide an inimitable sensory experience to our readers, which has allowed our printed publication to evolve into a luxurious collectible within its own right.


Instead of being filled with advertisements, Pleasures magazine (prints) consists of interesting articles on day to day events. These articles give a relaxed, artistic feel to the magazine’s content, while delivering the desired information to the customers who are concerned about supporting local businesses and care where their money goes.

The writers and photographers are award-winning journalists, which is clear from the response thus far from businesses who have taken advantage of the opportunity to be featured in Pleasures magazine.

Pleasures magazine office is located in Nigeria, Ghana and UAE.

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