Afia Daly: Leave A Little Mystery To Your Life

Dr. Anna Sansa Daly

In this era of technology, in an era where one is tempted and almost pushed to publish their whole lives activities on social media for attention, it is hard and almost impossible for people to resist the trend.
It is easy to be led into believing that, that is the only way to live but try your hardest to live your life in silence. There is nothing wrong with sharing a piece of you to the world but be sure you aren’t sharing the “whole”. Leave part of your life to the imagination.
Be careful what information you share with the world, let your private life be as private as the word “private.” Be wise in your dealings. Not everybody deserves to know everything you plan on doing and everything you are doing.

Survey shows that, many marriages and relationships are destroyed because a spouse failed to be quiet about what is happening internally. So it is safe to say that, there are lots of negative energy in the hearts of people and in the world and therefore there is more harm done when you feed the world with too much information about your life. The less you reveal, the better off you are. Let the world wonder.
Not EVERYONE needs to know EVERYTHING that goes on in your life, know who to share certain information about your life with. Have it in mind that, not everyone sympathizes with you neither is it everyone who celebrates with you, the less you reveal, the less everyone knows.
Whenever you are tempted to share personal information to the world, remind yourself that, the Internet never forgets.
Sharing your entire life story does not earn you the right recognition, it only tells the right people the kind of open book you are, you only attract your kind and nobody will ever feel safe confiding in you neither will you be taken serious.
Understand that, the world can only build a solid case against you with the exact information you feed them with. The little people know, the better your chance at living a peaceful life.
Careful out here, for some people are in your life for information.
Stop complaining about strangers criticizing you when you feed them with what they shouldn’t know, they may be strangers to you but your story is no stranger to them. Don’t make it too easy for your enemies to gain access to news of your darkest days for what you assume harmless could be harmful to you in the future.

Be wise with what you choose to share, you can share some information without necessarily giving out too much. You can discuss your life without giving out private information. Be mindful of what you choose to discuss about your family life and your in general.
Of course it is your life and of course you decide what you want to tell the world. All I’m trying to tell you is that, make the right choice when it comes to information distribution. Filter all personal information before sharing it to the world.
A Private Life They Say, Is A Happy Life. The Less They Know, The Less They Have To Say

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