Afia Daly: The Fine Line Between Being Judged and Being Criticized

Afia Daly

There is a thin but fine line between judgment and criticism, hate and dislike. Most often than not, people confuse their critics with people who hate them and therefore view their criticism as judgment. Human beings are creatures of habit, predictable and yet mysterious. We are each in our own way prejudice to an extent and that has a lot to do with our upbringing and our surroundings’, there are some things that can never be completely eliminated from the human nature and the sooner one realizes and learns to live with it, the better a quality life they can live. To judge someone outside of the judicial norm is when one comes to a stubborn conclusion that you are what they heard or think you are until you prove them otherwise. Most judgments are usually from strangers who don’t know you that much. Like stated earlier, it is in the human nature to be prejudice, we judge others by what we see, think and or hear about them. Our 6th sense may not always be right, but as creatures of habit, we go with it anyway.
To be criticized is when you are called out on your wrongs and rebuked for them. You have not been judged; your attention has only be drawn to the fact that, your decisions and actions weren’t as great as you think or thought they were going to be, it is only an arrogant being who refuses to accept they ever wronged or offended others by their actions and words and therefore refuses to accept being called out on them.
These two words, Judge and criticize may have different meanings but they work hand in hand. One has every reason to judge you if your action and decisions offends them and you refuse to accept criticism being it harsh or mild in order learn and change. You do not go around offending others with your life style and your actions and expect not to be criticized or judged.
As painful as this may sound or seem, our critics are usually people who pay attention to us more than we do to ourselves and most of them look out for us. There are two types’ of criticisms, there is the Constructive Criticism which is mainly intended to help us see through our actions and learn from mistakes we were or are blind to, and there is the Negative Criticism which is intended to be brutally offensive. Whichever form criticism comes, the wise always finds a way to draws positive energy from them for growth.
A lot of naive people consider their critics haters and refuses to listen. There is as well a fine line between those who dislike you and those who hate you. People who usually hate others have personal and unpleasant encounters with them and hate for a reason. Hate has no time or patience to criticize; hate will choose a sword to hurt, than words.
Someone who dislikes you do so for no reason. It is no fault of your own that someone doesn’t like you. As human, 95% of us have met people we barely knew and decided we just didn’t like them. They did you no wrong; you just do not like them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You cannot like everyone who walks through your life, but the most dangerous thing one can do, is befriending someone they dislike for courtesy sake, that is where the danger lies. Careful who you hang with, use your intuition.
As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes, to offend others and bound to repeat them sometimes. Forgetfulness and ignorance is part of our nature, few have the ability to harness their human flaws and that is why we need others to constantly remind us that we are creatures of habit and not perfect. We need to learn to accept criticism; it is the only way to learn, so we may not repeat actions that hurts or offends others. As harsh as some criticisms may seem, it is entirely up to us to decipher what’s meant to help us grow and what is meant to hurt us. Learn not to take some things too personal, with that being said, one must be selective of who they take criticism from and who to ignore. Most importantly, not everyone who criticizes you hates you. Not everyone who dislikes you hates you.

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