Afia Daly: Who Am I?

dr daly
Afia Daly

Who are you, what are your motives and what are your aspirations as a person? This is a question everyone asks themselves at least once in their life time.
Who you are and what you are has more to do with whom and what you identify yourself as. Who you are and how you see yourself contributes immensely to who and what you consequently turn out to become. Knowing one’s self positively affects how they live their lives and how fulfilled they become.
Knowing yourself is essential to your growth as a person and your progress as a citizen of this world.
You can only find the perfect spot to bask in your true self when you break loose from the pattern created for you to fit in by society.
To be anything other than normal and regular, you have to learn to be you and who you truly are. You cannot stand out if you aspire to be what everyone wants you to be and what what else is. You cannot make a difference if you concentrate much on being like everyone.

So let me ask you once again. Who are you?

The most discontent people are those who try to fit in and those who try to be anything but themselves. There is a saying that “No matter how long a wood lays in water, it will never turn into a crocodile.” No matter how long you work to be like someone or something you are not, you will never fully become or be them simply because “You are who you are.” And nothing can change that. You may get away with distorting your physical being to be like others, you may get away with changing your personality in order to fit in but you will never get away running from your shadow.
The first step to getting better than you are is, knowing yourself and being yourself but do remember, you cannot be yourself if you do not know yourself.
“Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content what you are and what you have.” – Doris Mortman.
Don’t be a stranger to yourself. Find yourself, it is the only way to live a life of originality. Do not conform to fit in, do not kill the “You” your maker created you to be just to be known or seen as someone else.
So, who are you?
Dig deeper for answers because the day you answer this question genuinely, you will unleash a force that will drive you towards your destiny.
Dr. Anna S Daly


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