APC Ghana Chapter vows consistent support to Buhari

The Chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC) Ghana chapter, Hon. Charles Micheleti has vowed to consistently give support to the leadership of Nigeria under the President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Chairman in a chat with Pleasures Magazines in Accra said, Nigeria had been completely destroyed by the PDP led government and it will take time before Nigerians will enjoy. He pointed out that the present Government promised during electioneering campaign that they were coming with change, and for change to take effect there must be pain to go through. “You will recall that the PDP government of President Jonathan sank the nation economy, our money was been spent anyhow, imagine the number of Trillions we are hearing, is that not amazing that Nigeria has got such money then”.

He called on Nigerians to please give the government just few months to do the clean-up and after that we will start to enjoy. “No pain no gain, it is important to go through it now else we will bite our fingers if we want don’t learn to adjust to the change. We in Ghana we have determined that we will continue to give our maximum support to the Government, we will continue to speak of the good works of the president and the quality people he has involved in t his government”.
Micheleti noted that should PDP continue, Nigeria at the moment would be on the verge of death, because the nation had already collapsed. He said at the time PDP was in power, they were sharing nation’s money amongst themselves and they call it “National Cake”.

APC Ghana Chairman with Min. of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonaya Onu

Now nothing like that and you know recently the government launched what they called: Change begins with me, meaning everybody is involved in the process of change, this is leadership by example.
He called on Nigerians to keep voting for APC even at the state level, you recalled some PDP members in the Edo state House of Assembly defected to APC because they could see the good works of the APC Governor in the state. “We APC Ghana Chapter were there to join the campaign for the Governorship election and we donated some materials to support the candidate, we are going to Ondo soon and we will support in our little way, all we are doing is to see the change across the country both at the Federal and the State level”, he concluded.

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