Apostle Dr. Francis Blake Akwaboah advocates peaceful election

Apostle Dr. Francis Blake Akwaboah, Presiding Bishop of the Christian Hope Ministries Worldwide has employed Ghanaians to resolve to conduct the December polls in a peaceful manner.
This, he said would let Ghana emerge as a united nation after the declaration of the results.
Apostle Akwaboah said even though Ghanaians are passionate about choosing a leader, they must not allow themselves to be divided by the upcoming elections.
“We can have different opinions, colour, political parties and religious background, but we must remember that we are one people.”
Apostle Dr. Blake Akwaboah urged the youth not to allow themselves to be incited to engage in activities that would plunge the country into chaos.

He reminded the youth that they have more years ahead of them and so engaging in violence activities because of the elections would only destroy their future.
“God placed us here to be fulfilled; you can never be fulfilled in another country because you will be considered as a foreigner.”
He therefore, called for tolerance, unity and oneness among Ghanaians and urged them to refrain from insulting behaviour as the elections draw near.
Apostle Dr. Francis Akwaboah also called on the elderly, especially politicians to watch their utterances in order not to create confusion and hatred for one another.
On Election Prophecies:
There have been varied prophecies regarding the political party that would win the presidential and parliamentary elections.
Many of those prophecies have been in support of the two dominating parties namely the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP).
Sections of Ghanaians have questioned these prophecies considering the way famous Nigerian pastor, T. B. Joshua was humiliated by Western media for making a false prediction about the United States election.
He had predicted a comfortable victory for Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton but Republican’s Donald Trump won the election. Out of a 583 electoral college vote he polled over 290 more than the required 270.
But Apostle Dr. Blake Akwaboah said the pastors in Ghana have to refrain from prophecies that are skewed to favor one political party over the other.
This act, she said provides the ground for disaster.
“Whatever gift God has given to you, use wisdom. Instead of you tilting to one direction, why not speak a language that will be favorable to all,” she said.
Apostle Dr. Blake Akwaboah entreated Ghanaians to be wary of politicians who would want to manipulate them to visit mayhem on the country. Political parties will come and go but Ghana remains, she added.
He also used the opportunity to appeal to the Electoral Commission (EC) to sensitize the electorate about their role before, during and after the elections to ensure a credible and fair process in December.

Apostle Dr. Francis Blake Akwaboah – founder of Christian Hope Ministries Worldwide is a man of God whose ministry has brought the divine presence into the hearts of many all over the world. He is a firebrand prophet and an apostle with deep insight into the plans and purposes of God for this generation. God Has used him mightily in the prophetic office for deliverances, ministration of the word and prayer sessions which have shaped the destiny of millions and caused them to live the victorious Christian life.

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