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Miss Nigeria 2018 – Meet The Top 18 Finalists Vying To Be The 42nd Miss Nigeria

The search for the 42nd Miss Nigeria has begun in earnest. The auditions are finally over and 18 out of over 1000 girls that auditioned have been chosen to get through to the next stage. These girls have been chosen from the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria and the list would further be reduced to 12 for the grand finale. This would be done by votes on the Miss Nigeria Instagram page. Such votes will contribute to 50% of the final scores for the top 12 while the technical judging will make up the final 50%. Voting ends on...

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The Making of Rashida Saani Nasamu, Founder of IZAR GROUP: The Young Female Muslim Entrepreneur Redefining The Status Quo

Boldly mooring mores like a firm fisher out to tie down a leaky boat that had better be grounded, not courting coarse conventional mindset and marshalling mysterious nerves for victorious verdicts, ravishing Rashida resolutely mingles mighty Masters in academics with seasoned simplicity upstairs to dare brazenly into the bustling ‘big-boy’ bazaar known as the business world. With the enviable ease of a practiced queen, the clearly born-to-be and trained-to-be entrepreneur, has both her background and schooling dovetailing positively to explain the awe that emits effortlessly from this simple-to-a-fault but steely brow-raising business-brain. Business is often said to be a...

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11 Ways to Build Each Other Up

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” – Jim Stovall We are living in a self-serving, self-centered, and self-obsessed modern day rush-rush society filled with negativity and constant tearing down of others. If you want to really differentiate yourself in this world, be people-oriented and start to focus on building others up. Created as relational beings, it’s our greatest privilege to enjoy companionship with the people who truly matter in our lives. How can we then...

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Fashion power couple: Nnamdi and Maureen, this stylish partnership show us how to successfully mix work with pleasure

We are forever being told the secret to a happy relationship is different interests; to keep work-life and home-life separate. But this couple have shared profession as well as shared bank account – and it seems to be working rather well. The start-up was tough but there was talent, resilience and consistency. CN Daniels Couture is a luxury clothing line co-owned by Nnamdi and Maureen Daniels. The brand is self tasked with creating luxurious master pieces to grace the fashion world. They make beautiful pieces of suits, native attires, unique dresses pieces. They major in event dresses. CN Daniels...

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Prophet Bernard El-Bernard Nelson-Eshun And The Making Of Spiritlife Revival Ministries

Tests on the turf, how tough, did not flag his zest to give himself no rest till his quest to scale the very crest of excellence all round, really served the best interest of Jesus. This cardinal desire to live and die for the Most High is the whetstone for his self-sacrificing sanctity and love which generated his wish and eventual ability to grant scholarships to over 400 university students, majority of whom have graduated. Yet not only these explain the rising popularity of this born young inspirational leader; besides all the scintillating qualities which make him the toast...

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