#BBNaija – Day 21: An Eviction, Two New Housemates & More Drama

It’s been a tough week for the housemates.

Week two brought tears and drama by the bucket load so Biggie decided to restore peace in the House. After Monday’s task Efe came out victorious making it his third week straight as the Head of House. He was to be referred to as Captain Efe all week long and Biggie gave him a secret task to unite the Housemates. While the Housemates were still reeling from Miyonse and Soma’s eviction it was time to nominate one another for eviction again! Efe swapped out his best friend ThinTallTony for Gifty and so she became nominated for Eviction along with Bassey, Bisola, CoCoIce and Debie-Rise.

’s been a mellow Sunday as is often the case since the reality of Eviction starts setting in from morning.

The madness and debauchery of last night’s party seemed to be a distant memory for the nominees who sat down and started getting their hair done looking decidedly sullen.

The Housemates then played cards and it wasn’t long until they were joking and poking fun at each other again. At this point Bisola channeled all the nervous energy into a hilarious, mock meltdown. She ran around the lounge, fake weeping and embracing everyone she was going to miss if she was evicted.

Almost Time

Looking on the verge of tears, Bassey opened up to Big Brother that he was freaking out, as this was his first nomination since entering the House. He said he had mixed feelings and felt intensely imbalanced.

Of all confessions, CoCoIce’s stood out as the most defeated: she had reluctantly dragged herself to the Diary Room following Biggie’s call and once seated, looked like a withered flower, all sad and deflated, a shadow of her bold self. In her own words, CoCoIce mumbled to Biggie that she did not think she had done enough to avoid her own Eviction.27_thedarkesthour_004_pre-600x200
As for Debie-Rise, she tapped into her confidence that literally rose during her chat with Biggie. She hoped that people would vote for her qualities as a disciplined and hard-working entertainer “cos Debie-Rise she’s got quality with every sense of humility”! The quiet and reserved Debie-Rise couldn’t hide her sharp observation skills from Biggie, fearing that Gifty was up for Eviction because of her fake speech – a mixture of Yankee English sprinkled with Gbagaun accent – and for her lack of depth beyond wild antics.

Gifty closed this Diary Session by stating she felt shaken and out of it, and that she wished CoCoIce be Evicted for all the nagging, controlling and exaggerating she had displayed.

The Eviction

The Housemates’ faces was a mirage of mixed emotions as Ebuka read out the names of the Housemates who were not only up for possible evictions tonight, but might also be leaving the House.

Bisola was relieved as she was told she was saved, but not the same could be said for Gifty as Ebuka announced that she was to leave the Big Brother House. The emotions started overflowing as the Housemates gathered around her to hug her for what may possibly be the last time, with Tboss openly breaking into tears.


CoCoIce was the next Housemate asked to leave the Big Brother House, and her stoic face seemed to reveal a hidden notion that she expected it.

Bassey and Debie-Rise were the last two Housemates left standing, and the relief was evident in Bassey as he collapsed to the floor in a heap of joy after being told he was saved from Eviction today; but that joy was short-lived as Ebuka announced in his next sentence that Debie-Rise was to leave the House. A loud yell of “NO!” escaped Bassey’s mouth as he broke into tears and rushed to hug her.

At the end of the night, CocoIce was evicted while Debie-Rise and Gifty returned to the house.

New Fake Housemates

Biggie has decided that in lieu of the Housemates getting lackadaisical in their game plans, two new Housemates will be put into the House to spruce up the game and light a fire under the other Housemates proverbial derriere.


Enter Jon. a 25year old former reality TV show star with a penchant for mischief and he hasn’t wasted time in singling out Bally for his mischievous moves. Interesting times ahead as Jon knows he isn’t playing for any votes or the prize money, but put into the House to stir up some dust. There was a mixed bag of emotions and reactions from the other Housemates as they welcomed him into the House.



The next fake Housemate introduced into the Big Brother Naija House was Ese, a former beauty queen who confessed to Ebuka that she loves to cause trouble, and that there is no guy who meets her requirements in a man. In a passing note, she also quibbed that she has her sights set on Uriel as she felt uriel had gotten comfortable and complacent in the Big Brother Naija House.


Ese and Jon both recieved mixed reactions from the Housemates who weren’t too sure how to react to them,but one thing for sure is that the Gobbe is real and wahala don start.

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