Becoming Divinely Immuned by Pastor Jide Ogunsakin

“I was glad when they said unto me let us go to the house of the Lord” – psalm 122:1. This was the testimony of everyone who attended service as it was basically a service to worship God. Da master piece made everyone in church praised God in another dimension of power both in praises and worship to the Most High God. (Anya Owoicho) meaning thank you Lord which was a call to worship God for his loving kindness in our lives. Pastor Jide Ogunsakin the senior pastor of New Kingdom Church was ushered in to the pulpit by the special ministration of DA Master Piece titled: “Send your Spirit Lord” to introduce Pastor Moji Alawiye who took over in the ministration of songs; (Alagbara l’olorun mi) meaning my God is the all powerful God.
“Oh! Jesus what a wonder you are”, “Jesus how I love calling your name” and “Our God is an awesome God he reigns” were the songs used to bring down God’s presence before the ministration of the word.

Pastor Jide Ogunsakin – President, New Kingdom Ministry International

Every believer is expected to be divinely immuned. We are divine diplomats of God’s kingdom here on earth .We are not of this world. Philippians 3:20. As long as we remain here on earth, we are not of this earth but citizens of heaven. Even though we are here, we are expected to behave according to the law and lifestyle of heaven. Ephesians 2:19, 2 Corinthians 5:17-20. Diplomatic immunity exempts diplomats from operating according to law of the country they are. As Christians we are expected to represent the kingdom of heaven on earth. Therefore we need to understand and know our assignment on earth and operate in the consciousness of it. Our rights, our rules and influences are not of this world. Until you are switched in the physical realm to the spirit realm you can’t be divinely immune. If you want to go to a country, you need to understand their thinking pattern to be able to flow with them. If you become born again and your mind is not renewed you won’t be able to operate in divine immunity. You need to know for example in the system of heaven, there is no negativity; you can’t be poor, you can’t be sick, you can’t run into loss, never going backward. This is the lifestyle of the kingdom that we belong to.
In this heavenly kingdom, your mindset matters a lot. You need to renew your mind. “If you are not of this world why behaving like them”? God always protects his ambassadors here on earth.

1. Love, honour and serve God faithfully. Mathew 22:27, 1Samuel 2:30, Exodus 23:25.
You can’t be serving God and be struggling or serving sickness.
2. Be connected to the covenant of God, his promises and his word. 2Chronicle 16:9.
We are face with diverse challenges of life because we are not loyal to God
3. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Hosea 4:6.
4. Constant and consistent taking of the Holy Communion. John 6:54-56. It is an ordinance of resurrection.

1. In the name of Jesus I decree I am too fortified to be fired, I am too immune to be sick and to be oppressed.
2. I place supernatural forces around my life in the name of Jesus; I can’t be sick, I can’t be oppressed, arrows can’t penetrate me in the name of Jesus.
3. In the name of Jesus I set garrisons in my land; the land that God has given me; where my possessions are no more open door for satan to come into my life.

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