Bill Gates to invest 5 billion dollars in Africa


Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist announced that his foundation will invest an additional $5 billion in Africa over the coming five years.
Bill Gates made the statement in South Africa where he addressed at the yearly Nelson Mandela Lecture.
The occasion leads the tribute of Mandela’s birthday on July 18 when South Africans are motivated to spend 67 minutes of their time to help out others.
Talking to the media after the lecture, Gates said his latest investment would focus on health programs.
“Our foundation is here involved in the areas that we focus in, so we are working hard on the HIV outbreak, the TB outbreak, and the rest of my time in South Africa generally will be focused not only about the AIDS Conference, but with lots of discussion with research partners and delivery partners to know how we can help there be even better development on these health problems, mostly in this country the focus on HIV and TB. Of the five billion we will use in Africa for the next five years, over two thirds of that will be related to those health programs.
Gates is also in South Africa to be present at the global AIDS conference which held this week.
He further says the world must come up with more resourceful ways to make HIV treatment and deterrence available.

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