Bishop Ebenezer Armah drops shocking Prophecy, calls on Christians to pray against satanic sacrifice

Founder of the Rich Family Church International, Bishop Ebenezer Armah is calling on believers to pray against the Satanic kingdoms this month of October. He revealed the prophecy while speaking with Pleasures Magazine at his church office.

Referencing Zachariah 8:19-23, and Acts 27:9 of the Bible, Bishop Ebenezer Armah said “prayers and supplications should be made to cancel every sacrificial ceremony of the devil”. He however charged believers to seek the face of God who has the final say in the affairs of men.

The Man of God also urged the Christians not to treat words from God with levity, adding that “a word from God is capable of altering a person’s destiny for good”.

Bishop Ebenezer Armah

He said “The message God gave us was so clear, while some were Fasting in January, February, March. The Lord gave us a different direction, to fast in the month of October.

The Lord told me I should go on the net and Google, I discovered satanic calendar which is more accurate, it came up. Throughout the year they have their own sacrifice ceremony but when you look at the month of October from 13th to 30th, the whole of that 3 weeks is a sacrificial ceremony for them. They are going to sacrifice men and women, every Occultist has to sacrifice somebody and what is so amazing is the last 3 days which is 29, 30 and 31st each day every occultist has to sacrifice a human being of any sex and on the 31st when blood must have been shed, the throne of satan will be exalted and as a Church this is the time to pray.dsc_0604

All over the world satan is sacrificing our innocent souls, while God said all souls are his. Then why is the satan sacrificing them, when all souls are for him. The Church will have to rise up. We are fasting as a church this month of October every evening, from 5 – 8pm we are praying so that every plan of the devil will come to nothing. Believers usually wait till December to pray and while we are praying accidents will be taking place but let me tell you, the devil does not kill in the month of December but in October, then the things that have been done spiritually will then be coming to pass physically in the month of December.dsc_0613

We need to watch over our children because age 7 to 17 is their most targets, and not only that, they also go after age 28, 29 and 30 both sex. So please we all need to be careful about our children and take good care of our family, our children should not be going out late. As Christians, let’s come together and pray against this sacrificial ceremony of the devil.

Not only that, satan is coming out in full force with his agents to cause spiritual misfortunes such as economic woes, sickness, and accidents into nations and that the only thing people could do is to seek the face of God to curtain these problems.


He said the importance of this call for prayer is to “block the enemy from carrying out his agenda through them and allowing God’s agenda to be”.
Bishop Ebenezer Armah said there were some satanic forces and other evil wreckers who sought the Nation’s doom and stressed the need for Christians to continue to pray.

There is a plan going in the satanic kingdom to cause havoc in the land, but heaven would do nothing until Christians pray and it is in the midst of prayers that the divine will of God will be revealed, he said.


There is serious battle, especially having this year as an election year in Ghana. This is the reason the Church must rise up and come against satanic hijackers of the nation.

He appealed to Ghanaians to ensure that whenever they go on their knees to pray they should remember to pray for the Presidency and all those in authority so that the nation would continue to enjoy the prevailing peace and tranquility.


The Bishop said the upcoming general election is going to be hard and difficult but was quick to add that the same God who saw us through the previous elections would definitely see us through this one.



He asked Ghanaians not to capitalize on God’s divine intervention and fold their arms thinking that everything will go on successfully without praying.

He said peace is a product of prayer and it was through incessant prayers that made God to intervene to make the 2008 general election, which was very crucial in Ghana’s democratic dispensation and was violence-free.


In his words: “We know that human beings have their part to play, but no matter what we do, except the Lord build the house, the laborers are working in vain… This is why the prayer is very vital. We are not saying those who are given the responsibilities in government should not do it”.

His dogged quest for true excellence has made mountains movable. He delivers his messages with a tasty combo of power and humor which has endeared thousands to him. He has a boiling passion for changing lives and raising a Takeover Generation.


Known for his unique prophetic gift, healing ministry and apostolic leadership, Bishop Armah is called, by God, to the office as an Apostle and Prophet to deliver a kingdom message and to raise champions and leaders in the 21st century church.

Bishop Armah, affectionately called “Papa”, travels the world impacting and empowering millions of lives through his powerful preaching and teaching ministry.
His desire is to see people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and for the presence of God to consume cities and nations of the world.
An exceptional gift to the entire body of Christ, Bishop Ebenezer Armah is a preacher with uncommon prophetic insight into the word. His ministry has touched lives across various divides. Delivering the word with exactitude and undeniable impact, his messages fuse a unique blend of the factual, personal revelations, convictions with time-tested facts unearthed by years of study and fellowshipping with the Lord.

Bishop Ebenezer Armah’s trademark is having a scripture for any situation. His passion for the Word has made dedicated disciples out of multitudes.

Bishop Ebenezer and Mrs Maria Armah

This anointed man of God doesn’t go unassisted. At his side is the compassionate Daughter of Zion; Maria, together they are fulfilling the mandate of raising a Takeover Generation on the platform of the Rich Family Church Int. Accra-Ghana.

Having sensed the call of God on his life, Bishop Ebenezer Armah submitted and set himself to be a vessel to be used by God. This led to many encounters with the Lord. One of these encounters took place when he was only 13, after the death of his father, he did a soul search and found God.

He said “Initially I never believed in God because my father was rich, I can afford everything but unfortunately he died and life became tough. How to feed, how to take care of myself, I have five siblings. Then I said no, man is not the source of Life. There is more to life than depending on your father. In the course of my search, I had an encounter with God through one Pastor Justice from Action Chapel. He preached Christ to me and my desire for the Lord became so strong. At the age of 13years I started going out Preaching the Gospel and at age 14 the Lord spoke to me to follow him with all my heart and I obeyed his word and I was following him, serving him until the age of 16 when the Lord revealed himself to me again. I was there getting ready to go to University and the voice came that I should follow him, that he would take me to places. Then, I was so amazed for what the Lord was using me to do. The lives I was changing and the souls I was winning, so amazing. At age 17, I went to Central University as directed by the Lord I was there for 2 years and went to the field for a year and returned for my degree programme”.

The full interview to be aired on Pleasures TV soon.

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Tel: 0244 258 152 , 0572 072 626 , 0246602584

Below are more of the pictures taken by our photographer at one of the fasting and prayer night





















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