Bishop Ebenezer Armah Prophesies Peaceful Elections

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets”Amos 3:7. Bishop Ebenezer Armah, the Senior Pastor of the Rich Family Church International (RFCI), needs no introduction. He has over the last decade, revealed the mind of God to this generation. He hosts three services,every Sunday, where he leads an ever growing army of believers in strategic prayers. These services are characterized by sharp prophetic revelations and surgical intercessory prayers. A visit to his Nii Boi town church, and one will leave with a satisfaction and assurance that he or she has had an encounter with God.
In one of such meetings, the man of God declared peace in the upcoming general elections slated for December 7 2016.
He indicated that although there will be acrimony and challenges in the selection of the president and members of parliament, God will maintain the peace of this country.
“Ghana is a nation the Lord has blessed, and He would protect us from the hands of the evil one,” he said.
Let me assure all Ghanaians that we will not only survive this season, we will become a better nation. We will triumph over our plunders. We will conquer our conquerors. Just as the word of the Lord came to Samaria in 2 King 7:1-2, where God turned the situation in that region for good, Ghana will also thrive again
Bishop Armah however noted that for the country to see the total manifestation of the prophesy, Ghanaians must arise and pray fervently against the works of the evil one.
“Despite the Hand of God stretched on Ghana, the citizenry must be prayerful to conquer the devil’s plan of splitting the country, “he cautioned.
“Watch it, concerning this nation, he said there’s a great future. This election shall be peaceful; it will come to pass like a dream of the night. Offices will not be shut down for a moment; it shall be peaceful, there will be order as ordained by God and we will celebrate at the end of the day,” he assured.
The man of God also had a word for politicians that “there is no kingmaker on the earth; God is the only authentic kingmaker. So He will ensure that His Will is established in Ghana at all levels. He will ensure there’s no war by installing only those who are righteous in power,”
Finally, Ghanaians must take charge. We must become more than partisan commentators, tribal affiliates, and religious exponents. It’s time to turn our collective oppression into passion for true freedom. We must transcend our political induced fences to close ranks. It is time to turn our collective frustrations into collective actions that will turn the tide.
Furthermore, all elected leaders, most especially the president need to remember that the offices they occupy were made possible by Ghanaians and to the president, I really do not want to go into election prophecy but as directed I will advise him (the president) to tap the talents of all Ghanaians, irrespective of their political affiliation, to enhance the country’s development in the new administration. The winner has already emerged in the realm of the spirit and the president must continue to be a father for all by giving equal opportunities to all Ghanaians. He said the “winner-takes-all” nature of politics must not be allowed this time, he said.
To the media, he stated that, there is the need for responsible reportage on the part of media personnel to make this year’s elections one of the best in our political history. –
“Our responsibility as Ghanaians is to make Ghana go through successful elections, so I call on every individual who advocates for peace and has the nation at heart, starting from the EC, political leaders, party faithful, discerning Ghanaians and most importantly, Journalists to avoid going into the elections with bias and deceptive minds to distract the peaceful outcome of this elections we lookout for,” he urged.
Bishop Ebenezer Armah, founder and presiding bishop of the Rich Family Church International. He is a product of Central University College with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and Mission. Ebenezer Armah is a dynamic and influential young prophet, ordained by Dr. Mensa Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church.
A man with an uncommon level of energy, God has done exploits through him, winning souls, subduing kingdoms, and piloting RFCI into global reckoning. Bishop Ebenezer Armah presides over twenty branches in Ghana, South Africa, Denmark, UK, US and Singapore.
One of the graces demonstrated in the life of this man of God is the capacity to raise leaders through training and discipleship, he’s being an outstanding leader himself. His ministry has produced leaders who are vehemently affecting their generation positively in ministry, business, the academia and other spheres of human endeavor. His overriding passion is to see people succeed and fulfill their divine destiny and make a glorious eternity with Christ at the end of their journey on earth. A leader with the heart of a shepherd, he believes that no life is beyond the redeeming love and power of the gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Rich Family Church Int is located opp. Links Garden Hotel, Nii Boi Town Accra Ghana.
Tel: 0244 258 152 , 0506 391 377

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