Bishop Tudor Bismark says Africans do not understand their problems

Zimbabwean accomplished preacher and author, Bishop Tudor Bismark in a sermon in the United State title ‘Breaking The Limitations’ currently trending on social media has said that Africans, Christians need to understand how life works.

Quoting Mathew 14:15 :15 to back his sermon he said that Africans do not lack wisdom but that Africans lack understanding of the problems they are facing.

Bishop Tudor Bismark in his sermon avowed that ‘if you do not plan your life it will be planned for you’ insisting that the difference between the poor and the reach is the decision and that ‘indecision is a decision.’

Lamenting that it is not about how Christians praise God shouting hallelujah but by understanding how things work.

He went further to say that the problem we have in Africa is not the lack of wisdom but that of understanding. Excerpts of Bishop Tudor Bismark’s sermon.

”The Zambian government sold copper mines in northern Zambian to an outsider consortium for twenty five million dollars because they could not manage to keep them but the company that came in and took over the copper mine in three months made seventy five millions dollars, the company did not pay the Zambian government in cash they were going to pay them over time.

‘Here we have a company that has an understanding of how things work raised the money at the government expense, took money that the government should be making and gave it back to government and say we pay our debt in full, giving them .0006% of the proceeds of copper mining .When out the door there are people in poverty, people not eating, ignorant, people dyeing, high level of AIDS and what is the deal ?Churches are full, people are praising God. African pray all night PRAYER IS NOT IN THE SUCCESS EQUATION but that decision making is the success equation.

He encouraged that people should make sound decision, be disciple and make sure they go out and get what God has called us to get Saying that you one can be full of the Holy Gosht and still be ignorant but that as for him and his house he will get understanding.

He said that this year the ‘country of Ghana was fifty and that Ghana and South Korea got independence the same year, the same day but look at were South Korea is …

He said ‘South Korea by nature is not a Christian nation but a Buddhist, and China which is the next large world economy they have stated that in the next ten years twenty per cent of the Chinese people will be multi millioners which means almost four hundred and fifty-millions Chinese will be millioners, they are not Christians they are Buddhist.

The Japanese are Shintoist those in Indonesia, Malaysia are muslims’ It is not about praising God shouting Hallelujah and a big thank you Jesus it is about possessing understanding as to how things work.’

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