Crossover With Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr , It’s A Year Of ‘Greater Works

It was a night of hope, intense Love and deep camaraderie at Power Victory Chapel (Grace Temple) this PASSOVER.
We felt like special guests in the house of God as the church treated us to some hilarious yet informative drama and lots of dance.
One could almost get lost in the atmosphere of such bliss and joy amongst like minded believers.
The Grace Temple Choir were at their very best one more time as they led the church in an amazing time of glorious worship before The Lord.

Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr

The dance and jubilation was nothing short of what was deserving to end the year with, as both young and old, visitors and old members danced their hearts out. Even pregnant women were seen dancing in such elation before The Lord.
When the time came for the servant of God, Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr “The WORDshipper” to mount the podium, the whole church was ecstatic and ready to receive.

Lady Rita Aubin

He poured out so much hope and love as he spoke gracefully about the wonders and the works of Christ Jesus…preaching on what he captioned and later revealed as the theme for the new year 2018,….GREATER WORKS.
Prophecies were on point as the Apostle Prophet blessed the people from his heart.
By a Prophet, Israel was led from Egypt…..and we were glad to be led by GOD’s Prophet Apostle Josiah Aubin into the new year.

You can locate the church in the Agbogba – Ashongman area, it’s close to the Ahmadiya Vocational School. PVC Grace Temple can be easily be located using Google Map.
Call any of the following numbers for directions: 020 379 2400/ 027 414 0735
Facebook – Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr
Twitter – @ApostleJosiah
Instagram – josiahaubin


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