Dr Mike Okonkwo: Glory is laid up for you

Dr Mike Okonkwo

As we continue in the fast, I come to announce to you that there is a glory laid up in store for you. Like I have taught severally, the events in the world today have not come to our God as a shock. In- fact the things that are happening in your own life are not strange to Him either. God does not react, neither is He bereft of ideas or wondering how to bail you out. No, in fact all things including your current situation is working together for your good. The Bible says in Jer. 29:11 that His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good and not evil to give you an expected end – a hope and a future. If I put Romans 8:28 in my own words, I will say, ALL THINGS are working together for your glory. Beloved, there is a glory is store for you.

There is a glory that is coming upon your life that nothing can stop. When God starts unfolding His plans, you will stand in awe of Him.
However, for this glory to be revealed, you have a part to play. Remember it will not fall on you like a bag of cherries. There is a wisdom that God is releasing upon His people today that you cannot afford to be left behind. Remember, Prov. 24:26 “Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer”. Did you notice the word “EVERY” not some men, not even many, but every. In other words, when God gives you wisdom to handle the situations in the organization where you work, or gives you the wisdom to create a unique product that solves problems in your industry, every man, including your avowed enemies, will kiss your lips, why? It is simply because you have the right answer. There is a ‘right answer’ that God is waiting for you to tap into. You are not expected to live life ordinarily like every other man. You are different, you are unique, you are God’s powerhouse, you are God’s ambassador, you are God’s representative and the difference must be clear wherever you find yourself.

One of the errors of the believer is that we copy things. When we see someone succeeding in an industry, we copy it and run into it. When we hear the testimony of an area of business opening up, we run into it blindly. But beloved, that is not God’s plan for you. He wants you to seek wisdom from His lips. He wants you to live by the proceeding word. He wants you to take instruction from Him. Yes, a brother might be doing well in that particular area of business, your duty is to thank God sincerely for him and then seek the face of God concerning your own area of business. There is a “there” for you. There is a “Goshen” that God has prepared for you but you can only get there by living from the mouth of God – that is the wisdom for today. When you talk about glory, you are talking about magnificence, splendor, beauty, grandeur, brilliance, and wealth among other things. When the glory of God comes upon a man, every area of his life is affected.
I challenge you today to take a quality decision to live from the mouth of God on a daily, hourly and indeed minute-by-minute basis. I look forward to seeing you at the top because: you will get there in Jesus’ name.

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