DreamTrips: Getting Paid To Travel The World

We are a travel club that offers the world’s most pleasurable travel vacation packages at hugely discounted prices. We have over 1 million members in more than forty countries globally experiencing our carefully planned vacations. These include 4 to 5 star curated vacations at exclusive member-only pricing with more than 5,000 uniquely designed trips. It’s hassle free! The company handles all reservations and planning and provides vacation packages on specific dates.

There is something special for everyone. For members who do not want vacations on specific dates, we offer with flexible dates, huge savings, no host or extras, just accommodations.
Yes! There are also volunteer tours known as ‘voluntours’ for those who want to give back to society. Some Dreamtrips members travel to help build schools, provide basic amenities and spend time with the needy all over the world.

The company has received many awards for being successful in the travel industry for almost 14 years now…

Exciting, isn’t it? Now, how do you become a member of the club?
To become a member, you will need to pay a membership fee and then a monthly fees to further discount the packages. There are three memberships: gold membership, platinum membership and titanium membership. See below the benefits and payments:

A DreamTrips member with any of the memberships gets access to a personal website and app that consists of a booking engine, the vacation packages, a feed that helps you to view other members’ vacation experiences, creating your bucket list, sending feedback etc.

Being a member of this wonderful travel club gives you access to these benefits and more. There is a membership level for everyone. Call and let’s help you choose what’s right for you!
For more information, visit www.dreamtrips.com or call +233 203 303 603, whatsapp+233 242 85 8935 or email us at dreamtripsgh@gmail.com.

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