Dreamy Garden Wedding in Connecticut – Esther and John

Esther and John’s love story began while driving in downtown Hartford, where Esther’s friends decided to make an impromptu introduction between Esther and John.
John took down Esther’s phone number as her friends shouted it out of the window. Deciding to find a place to pullover, the attraction between Esther and John was “instant.” Later connecting over social media, they finally had their first date a few months later. One date led to another and it wasn’t long before they became inseparable, and John was planning their perfect proposal a few months later. Read all about their love story and wedding experiences in this dreamy garden wedding in Connecticut – featuring decor and coordination by Blissful Royal Creations.
Bride & Groom: Esther & John
Occupations: Attorney & Therapist
Wedding Location: Prospect, Connecticut

How did you meet? On July 12, 2014, God ordained for John and Esther to spot each other while driving in downtown Hartford! On that day, the two were driving their separate vehicles on the same road when one of Esther’s friends saw John driving in the next lane. Drawing his attention, she began screaming Esther’s number out of the window. John was driving to meet up with his friends when he saw Esther’s car full of ladies and the front passenger motioning him to roll down his window. When John did, the passenger told him he should take down the driver’s phone number. After listening to the number, John asked them to pull over. Esther obliged and the two pulled over and exited their vehicles. The attraction was instant and they were surprised that they were both Ghanaian but had never met before. After exchanging numbers and communicating for a few weeks, Esther made it clear to John that he had to court her. After a few failed attempts at planning a date, Esther decided to focus on her first semester of law school.

In November of 2014, John searched for Esther on Facebook and requested her as a friend. Upon receiving the request, Esther was caught off guard. The two shared no mutual friends and there were hundreds of people named “Maame Esther” on Facebook. After a few months of not speaking to each other, Esther knew that John must have spent time searching for her before finding and requesting her. Once John reached out on Facebook, she decided to text and ask why he was requesting her on Facebook. The two began communicating again and John asked to take her out after her final exams. In December 2014, they finally had their first date at Rooftop 120. The pair had an amazing time at dinner. The chemistry was supernatural and neither could pinpoint exactly what it was—but both felt such ease and comfort talking and being around one another.

Tell us about the proposal. Since that amazing first date, the pair have been inseparable. They spent countless days talking and laughing from sun-up to sundown. On Esther’s birthday in 2015, the pair exchanged “I love you’s” and at that moment, they knew that this love was truly something extraordinary that was meant to last forever. John proposed to Esther two years later at Rooftop 120, the same place they had their first date. Everyone was in all-white attire as John got on his knee in a heart of petals.

Wedding Party Gifts: Bridesmaids were gifted with robes with their names on the back, hand sanitizer, lotion, pen, notebook, and a Christian Devotional. Groomsmen were gifted with bowties and alcohol.
First Dance Song: “Heaven” by Banky W
What is your best memory from your wedding? Exchanging vows!
What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Remember that the wedding is about you, your spouse and God. If you keep that in perspective, there will be less fussing and arguing about the planning process.

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