El-Kana Ministries to Host 21 Days Festival of Altars with Abraham Chigbudu, Jones Boateng, James Saah, Kas-Vorsa and Ernest Adeti

The El-Kana Ministries International from 12th February to 4th March 2018 host a special annual programme, tagged:Unfolding The Mysteries of Witchcrafts, Covenants & Altars.

Speaking about the programme, Noble Apostle Ernest Adeti, the senior pastor and host of the week long programme said, “No altar can operate without the hand of man; God sends a Prophet to deliver His people. No spirit can operate until men avails themselves to be used; in satanic altars these are the witches and wizards. ( Psalms 68: 6-8). God settles solitary in family. The family is the idea of the Spirit world, God wants families so does Satan. The ancestral altars are what is used to network and connect all the ancestry tree people to be one. Without the spiritual devices words are powerless. When a man is a carrier of a blessed altar he excels. You can dump him in the middle of a desert and he will flourish. Don’t be ignorant. ( 1 Corinthians 10:1-4). So I’m calling on everyone to attend this special programme with their family and loved ones. It is a time to break every yokes of witchcraft and ungodly altars.”

12th February – 4th March 2018

Morning Session: Thur & Sun.
8:00am – 12 noon

Evening Session: Monday – Friday
5:00pm – 8:30pm

“Unfolding The Mysteries of Witchcraft, Covenants & Altars”

Bishop Dr. Abraham Chigbudu, Apostle Dr. Jones Boateng, Snr. Bishop James Saah and Bishop Kas-Vorsa 

HOST:  Noble Apostle Ernest Adeti

El-Kana Ministries International is located at -Tema. Community 3, Site “A”, Jogis Estates, near late Shamo Quaye’s residence.
You may contact us on +233508114786 or +233201001010

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