Empowering singles to marry and making marriages work: Meet Pastor Chris Ojigbani

Pastor Chris Ojigbani, born in Nigeria into the family of F.O. Ojigbani, Chris Ojigbani is the Lead Pastor of Singles and Married, the world’s leading marriage ministry. God commissioned Him to liberate marriages through the preaching of the Word.

Ojigbani was baptised at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and attended Bible School at the Foundation Faith Bible Institute in Lagos Nigeria. His ministry, Covenant Singles and Married Ministries was commissioned on the 14th of February 2005.

He considers his ministry is not a church but a non-denominational marriage ministry. Though his ministry’s headquarters is in Nigeria, he holds marriage seminars in various countries.

Pastor Chris Ojigbani

Tens of thousands attend his marriage seminars in many nations of the world, and his television program Singles and Married airs internationally. Millions of lives have been transformed through his undiluted teaching of the Word.
His ministry, which has been actively blessing lives since 2005, is a non-denominational ministry and does not hold Sunday services. God warned him never to start a church.

Ojigbani focuses on teaching. He believes that the power of the devil is not the cause of delayed marriages and crisis in marriages, but rather that the marital problems are caused by lack of knowledge. He believes that acquiring the right knowledge via teaching is the required solution.

Chris, has been happily married for fourteen years, is an award-winning author, and has written many bestselling books including I Want To Marry You. He is also an accredited United Kingdom interpersonal mediator.

Pastor Chris and Uche Ojigbani

His ministry has offices in the UK, USA, GHANA and Nigeria, with a mandate to empower singles to marry and make marriages work.

His television programme, Singles And Married With Pastor Chris Ojigbani is aired on television stations in several countries.

He is the author of many bestsellers which include I Want To Marry You, Activating The Grace Of Marriage,Spiritual Warfare,Back To Sender – Is It The Will Of God?,Relationship Secrets Relationship Secrets 201,and Relationship Secrets

Based in Lagos, Pastor Chris Ojigbani is the founder of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries. The ministry is not affiliated to any church but is an interdenominational marriage ministry.
According to the pastor, the ministry operates on five major realms of love and marriage. These are to remove devices that cause delay in marriage, empower singles to marry, restore broken marriages, making marriage work and removing devices that bring crisis in marriage.

He has also produced many DVDs, the main ones being The Power of Sex and The Trick of Love.
Though baptised at the Redeemed Christian Church Of God in Nigeria, the pastor attended the Foundation Faith Bible Institute before being ordained a pastor with the church.

Singles and Married
Singles and Married TV is an offshoot of Singles and Married, a non-denominational ministry that teaches the biblical principles of marriage. The sole purpose of the TV is to empower singles to marry and make marriages work.
We have a mandate to preach the Word, correct and rebuke wrong doctrines of marriage.

Mandate scripture
Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Timothy 4:2-4 (NIV)

Nigeria: +234 903 000 5588
Ghana: +233 241 026 890
UK: +44 757 655 4405


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