Endorsing NDC hasn’t hurt my career — John Dumelo

Contrary to speculations that his open support for the ruling National Democratic Congress will take a toll on his acting career, actor John Dumelo says he has had quite a busy year so far as productions are concerned.

“This year alone, I have done about seven productions and I did two just last month, it hasn’t affected my career in anyway even though I must admit that the film industry has generally slowed down a bit,” he told Showbiz last Friday.

According to John, contrary to what people say, producers still call him, “they call me all the time and some of them even say I charge too much and we laugh over it.”

Throwing more light on the current state of the film industry, he said the industry isn’t doing badly at all, “Although things are a bit slow in terms of productions, the film industry now is growing, we have a lot of movies doing very well like Amakye and Dede, Abdul Salam Mumuni’s movies, Yvonne Nelson’s movies and a host of others.

“It looks like these days, a lot of people want comedy. So I think movie makers should look in that direction and produce more comedy.

John Dumelo

“ Also, lot of TV stations are going digital so producers should continue selling their movies online and also consider other marketing opportunities like premiering in other countries to make money,” he said.

When asked if he sees himself as a successful actor, this is what he had to say, “Success is relative, I wouldn’t say I am successful. When I’ve been able to do movies to affect people’s lives then I will say I’m successful but I will get there,” he said.

As to who he looks up to in the movie industry, John said he looks up to everybody, “I learn from everybody, I pick up something from everybody from Majid Michel to Kyeiwaa, just name them. I learn from everybody.”

John has played a lot of romantic roles in movies and one would have thought he has a favourite actress he is most comfortable playing alongside but no, “I am comfortable with everybody. I have great rapport with Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, Luckie Lawson, Beverly Afaglo and a host of others. I have great rapport and great relationship with all of them.”

Is John Dumelo rich? “Rich is relative, somebody would say I am rich but I will say I am very comfortable, “was his response.

John added that he has no regrets in life because he believes that everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone, “I learn a lot from my mistakes and they make me stronger.”

Before leaving us, John had a piece of advice for the youth, “We are in an election year, the youth form the bulk of the electorate. They shouldn’t incite violence to mar the peace we are enjoying in our country.

“Everybody has a choice so we should respect one another’s choice and ensure that we have a peaceful elections.

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