Experience Good food, Great taste at Corporate Jollof n more

Enjoy the luxury of fine dining as our tailored menus give you a range of cuisines to choose from; or better still, dishes can be custom made according to your preference. Our aim at Corporate jollof n more is to gratify your taste buds and leave you wanting more.
Corporate jollof n more has made a niche for itself in the outdoor catering industry. We understand that all celebrations are extremely important to our clients and it is our responsibility to make it a memorable one for them. We care about your special moments.

We specialize in wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners as well as corporate catering, private functions and “themed” parties we can easily accommodate any event from the smallest to the largest and the simplest to the most elegant. The choices and conveniences of catering at Corporate jollof n more are as diverse as the tastes and preferences of our clients. Our service includes beautiful presentation, outstanding customer service and menus with the most delicious and unique food you will find! In addition to our exceptional culinary staff, our professional and talented associates include skilled service staff and an exceptional support team. If fine catering is what you are looking for, you can be assured that you have indeed landed at the most appropriate brand, Corporate jollof n more.

Corporate jollof n more is a brand that is synonymous with finest catering services in Lagos & its surrounding. At the heart of our offering is a commitment to be ‘One with the Customer’. We are focused on creating affinity with our customers at every occasion. We believe in strengthening this relationship by delighting the customer in every way. We recognize that your visit to our social media handles would be your endeavour towards planning the precious event in coming days.

Tayo Alli-Balogun, CEO – Corporate jollof n more

What We Do?
Buffet Catering
Packed lunch delivery
Children Events
Breakfast/Training Catering
Canteen Management
Cooler Delivery
Platter Delivery

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Whatsapp: +234 809 944 6396
Facebook: corporatejollofnmore
Email: Corporatejollof@gmail.com

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