Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, Philippians 3:13
Many people have the burning desire to make progress in life yet, have allowed their past mistakes, hurts, disappointments and others to limit them from stepping into the next phase of their lives.
Everybody has a past but the future is what is unknown to us all. For us to make progress in this life, we need to examine and take an introspective journey of our life to see where and what is limiting us, if not limited us already to find out how we can overcome them in order to make progress in life.
Each and every one of us is driven by our past, present or the unseen future being (positive or negative) depending on the individual choices we make. “He who controls the past also controls the future”.
No one is permitted to remain in stagnation. No one is allowed to remain the same or unchanged.
Every one of us is born to make some form of progress in life. However, the question now is; what is limiting our progress in life? Is it our family, our friends, our work?
Could it be our past failures, disappointments, regrets, abuse of trust, or our own self-doubt does has prevented us from becoming what we want to be to impactful to society?
Is it our lack of faith that God is with us during the times and storms of life that has become a mountain before us?
Life is a gift from god to us all but our ability to discover what will make it easier for us to live a successful is our individual choices. No one will make that decision for us except us.
For us to live and fulfill your true destiny regardless of what is happening around us is going to be our personal burning desire to see change. This then will help us to bury our past and take the necessary steps into the unknown future.

We have all been created individually to pursue an individual race, purpose and dream and, also to each have power over our own lives, not to do just what others expect but what God has planned and purposed for us.
Nevertheless, there is a silent success killer which affects and stops most us from reaching and breaking through to higher levels of success and achievement.
What is this silent killer?
It is the negative pasts we hold unto in our minds causing us to sell out on our dreams, aspirations, goals, visions and purposes. For us to move on in life and achieve our glorious destiny, we must learn to let go of the past and leap into the future that is awaiting us all.

We must also know that our past does not define our future. Regardless of the effects of the past, we hold in our hand the key to change things and make progress in life.
There is no way we will be able to take a giant leap into the future when we allow the weights of the past to push us down in pain, regrets and worries.
We may have had some downs and bad experiences with people in the past, but it does not mean we can’t rebuild our lives and get back on the road of happiness and success.
No one keep dead bodies around them. No matter how much they love that individual, they do everything possible to bury that person.
In the same note, it is very important to identify the negative pasts that limit and prevent you from moving forward in life and do everything within your power to bury it.
You must forget about the past in order to leap into the future by learning some vital lessons from the painful past or event and carry those lessons along to build your bright future.
Majority of us are driven by our past which sometimes helps to redefine and refine us into what we are actually made off.
I ask people all the time as to what drives their life; is it their past, present or future?
Whoever and whatever we are in life today was a result of the past experiences we had but the future we will is going to be what we do now with our life; meaning, our actions today determines our your future.
However, this short article enlightens our mind, refreshes our thoughts, reshapes our behaviour and empowers us to take control over our past in order to create the future we desire.
In order to bury the negative past and to make progress in life, it will require of us changing and renewing our minds about certain thing now.
Whatever the future means to us; be it education, marriage, family, having children, building that holiday house or business can’t be possible until we bury the past, we will not be able to take actions or step to make any progress in life. Our tomorrow is birthed with what we do with our life today. What are you doing with your life right now?
Never allow the past prevents you from planning. Planning is one of the keys into greatness. When a man fails to plan simply because of his or her negative past, he or she will remain never make any head way in life. It takes deliberate action and focus to plan. Whatever be the case; please plan.maxresdefault

Follow the steps in this article to help you leap into the future

1. Don’t dwell on the past. Dwelling on the past only prevents and limits you from leaping into the future.
2. Develop yourself into what you want to be and go out for it. Live your dream
3. Learn lessons from the past but don’t let them hold you hostage from building the future you want.
4. Moving on from the spot of negativities. Any associations that may remind you of the past me be cut off from your life.
5. Be proud of what you have achieved and press on achieving higher heights
6. Never give up on your dreams.
7. Stand up for yourself
8. Know the kind of friends you keep and move around with. Be your own person, not a follower!
9. Believe in yourself and your potentials
10. Renew your thinking, your attitudes, your faith, and your relationships with those around you.
11. The future is only obtained by those who make positive decisions to rise above all limitations by renewing their mind with God’s word
12. The future is for those who see potential treasures in trash. The future is created by those who make demands on it and not those who just wish things will happen to them.

Perhaps you have given up on yourself because nobody believed in you, trusted you again, or written you off from successful ventures. As you continue to pursue the future, may you discover the benefit of letting go of any past hurts, resentment, bitterness and disappointment that has kept you in stagnation of life so that, you can turn your negative situation into positive one. It does not matter how terrible your background was. Your future is brighter than you think.

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