Ferdinard Senyo Lawson: Don’t Abort Your Baby, Those Who Gossiped About You, Will Celebrate With You

Something interesting happened weeks back when I took my children to school. In fact, I was so much inspired and thought I will share it to inspire someone. It was somewhere last year when I met a pregnant lady at my children’s school. She seems to be in her own world. Nobody to talk to at the time I met her. It seems she has become a laughing stock to most parents especially the mothers, ladies and some few men too.
I don’t seem to understand why she was isolated!. Anyway, I have observed this for about a month and decided to approach her to see how she was and how things were with her. I never knew she was that friendly, jovially and opened minded individual. In fact, at one point, I was having some thought about her mental state. You may ask why?. The reason was that, we have not spoken or greeted each other before, but the very moment I approached her, she opened up as if we were old fire wood that has been ignited or set on fire.

So, I had the opportunity to ask her some few things about herself and what she does for living. Little did I know that, her husband works abroad; outside the U.K. and between them, they have 5 kids and she is expecting the 6th child. She went on to explained to me how she has become a laughing stock among some parents in the school and how some think she is just giving birth to
get State benefits from the government. According to her, some thought she is a single mother who sleeps around with men simply because nobody has ever seen her husband bringing the kids to school. This made her very sad and discouraged to the point where she wanted to abort the pregnancy for the sake of people. Hmmmm. I went quiet for a moment. My Emotion started to play in, but I took hold of myself and encouraged her not to mind anyone who gossip or mock her.
She told me how her family rejected her at some point because; she could not bear children after 6 years. But her Husband was very understanding and supportive with her plights. Friends were calling her names and some even told her to leave the husband as he could be impotent. But, she never heeds to any of those suggestion. So, when her husband came back from abroad and she told him about all that she has been going through, he suggested to her to relocate to where she lives now. So, she did.

To her amazement, the following month, she discovered that, she was pregnant with their first child and afterward, she has being having children and now carrying the 6 one. Wow… Location… location…has a purpose in our destiny I said. She laughed.
According to her, she didn’t want to explain herself to others as why she is so happy with her childbirths. This explained why some mothers think she is a single mum with 5 children and still expecting the 6th one. This is someone who almost lost her marriage, family and friends because she could bear children some years back.
Today, when I met her, she has given birth to a lovely and bouncing baby boy. To my surprise and shock, the very people who were mocking and gossiping about her were the one praising and congratulating her. The people who were thinking she is a disgrace and a prostitute, saw her husband with the children together in the school.

The lesson I got from this is that, sometimes when people don’t take time to get to know you, the gossip and say all sorts of things about you. Some will go extent to tell you in the face that that you are not fit for purpose. What are you carrying? Your dream, goal, vision, aspirations and whatever have you. Please, don’t get disappointed or discouraged when you are being mocked or laughed at. The lady’s story reminds me of HANNA in the bible. She was ridiculed, mocked, laughed, and rejected by society until she changes her position and location to the house of God.
I don’t know what you are going through right now. You may have been rejected, isolated and sidelined simply because of what you are carrying. Don’t give up. Don’t abort your dream to please men. Yes, it may have taken a long time coming, your dream may have been delayed, and your life may seem to be going nowhere, but listen to me. You are going somewhere. Never allow the pressure of life pushes you to do silly things. Hold onto your faith and confession that all is well or shall be well with you.
Sometimes, you may have to change your location, friends and association to birth your dream. Not everyone in your life needs to know your personal journey. Some will discourage you from taking the right step to fulfill your destiny. Are you aware that, you can’t be any difference from the people in your life? The people you hang around with have the potential to design or derail your destiny. Be wise. Your environment also determines your elevation in life. You can’t be on a journey with those who are not going your direction in life. Not everyone is fits to be your associate on this life journey. You don’t have to explain yourself to every tom and harry you meet in life.

Stop explaining yourself to others and explore yourself your potential. You don’t have to tell everyone about your potential dreams you have conceived. Just keep going and living your life. They will come and congratulate you when your dream baby is born. Don’t give up and don’t abort your baby to please anyone. Life is an individual race and you must take the opportunity to live it wisely. I hope you are inspired.

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