From a Certified Graphic Designer to The Pulpit, Meet Rev Emmanuel Temda

When God wants to do something for a people or a nation, He sends a man. To bring the Children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt, He sent Moses. To bring joy to the City of Samaria, he sent Philip. And to bring salvation to the world, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to accomplish this through His finish work on the cross.
It is God who ordains; and in the midst of the anguish and despondency, hope has appeared in a Present- Day- General who continues to make an indelible impression by helping to shape the lives of many. He has changed destinies, built futures and impacted his generation in a spectacular fashion.

Rev Emanuel Temda ministering

Rev. Emmanuel Temda, Founder and Head Pastor of Glorious Impact Worship Centre (GIWC), is one of the biggest phenomena to occur in recent times. He is also the president of Emanuel Temda Ministries, (ETM) an outreach ministry wing of the church that seeks to transform lives and stirs up gifts in the body of God, thereby attracting people to the presence of God. Rev. Emmanuel Temda who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Missions from the prestigious Central University College (CUC) is a vibrant minister of the Gospel who carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit, his exemplary and exceptional contribution to the work of the ministry is unquestionable.

A certified Graphic Designer who worked at the Central University College as one of its pioneering workers, he responded to the call of God and continues to make huge waves at Ghana’s leading seaport and industrial centre; against the backdrop of the fact that ministries hardly survive and thrive in the municipality – Torchbearer Temda has proved beyond every reasonable doubt the authenticity of God’s call upon his life, stood tall against the storms of life and ministry and raised a formidable army for the Lord.
A versatile minister who blends in many offices, he is a true embodiment of excellence, integrity and humility. A seasoned Major Prophet of our time, he flows with a heavy-duty prophetic unction that unleashes sound prophetic directions, holy communion impartations and divers manifestations. The effect has been several amazing feats that have often left believers stunned and speechless. Undoubtedly, there is no boring time sitting under his feet.

Rev. Emmanuel Temda

Pastor Temda is a spiritual bulldozer in the area of deliverance. In his midweek blood services and breakthrough all-nights that draws believers from all walks of life, he causes real damage to the incensed powers of darkness, making them so uncomfortable with his stupendous fire power. Too much for the demonic opposition – flooring them left, right and centre with all the arsenals at his disposal, GIWC is undoubtedly known as the “last stop” for stubborn demons who are overpowered with nonchalant ease. Those seeking the fruit of the womb is an added bonus – an area God has graced enormously.
A Psalmist with an incredible passion, another specialty of his, is in the area of worship where he carries an awesome unction – using inspiring worship tunes to release God’s presence thereby setting the atmosphere for the supernatural. Quality worship forms an integral part of his life and ministry, hence the name Glorious Impact Worship Centre. He has influenced a powerful worship and praise team that has formed a vital part of the ministry, enriching the services and arousing appetites for more worship and praise tunes that have undoubtedly brought heaven down to earth.

A spiritual colossus and trendsetter who is gifted with the exceptional ability to preach and teach God’s word with deep insight, simplicity and practicality. As a revivalist and a true carrier of God’s glory, his messages are centered on discipline, order in the Body of Christ and the authority of the believer.
Rev. Temda is a man of incredible maturity, composure and character. He is poised and set for bigger and better things in the body of Christ with a point to prove, and a legacy to live up to. By the grace of God upon his life, he has been accorded the opportunity of speaking on various international platforms.
Respected and loved by many for his quality of spirit and walk with his Lord, he intimates that, “there is nothing more interesting than God and nothing more exciting than watching Him move”.


Great things begin with very humble beginnings, thus the GIWC church that has today made an indelible impression begun as a prayer group. In the year 2002, God, through His Holy Spirit, challenged the heart of his servant Emmanuel Temda to specifically commence a prayer group that would intercede on behalf of His people.
As the man of God continued to seek the face of the Lord for more clarifications, God brought a divine helper through whom they started a Saturday Prayer meeting at the Achimota School near the cricket oval that became a Saturday morning fellowship – hence the maiden Saturday morning fellowship begun in 2003.

Just like David of biblical fame who was in the wilderness dealing with formidable bears and lions, they had their own challenges from the scorching sun and whipping rains posed by the vagaries of the weather to the dreary heat. Rather than being discouraged, it rather spurred them on, giving them a peep into the marvellous work that lied ahead. They remained resolute until May, 2005 when God gave them the name Glorious Impact Worship Centre, abbreviated GIWC. With clarity of vision, God led them to Tema, a robust terrain, and come 2007 in May, a full-fledged church began that is today advancing the frontiers of the Kingdom of God. GIWC is strongly having an exceptional and immeasurable impact on the lives of God’s people.

The Mission of this vibrant church is – “Impacting our Generations” through 3 cardinal principles which are the Word, the Spirit and the Power.
GIWC is a Word-based Church where the Body of Christ eagerly troop in to hear, savour and devour the unadulterated Word of God. In an awesome atmosphere of open heavens, lives are transformed through the power of God’s impregnable Word. Knowledge of the gospel increases, devotional life deepens and ministry skills sharpen.


This is a charismatic church that believes in the flow of the Holy Spirit, teach the flock of God how to depend on Him and how to be properly connected to Him so that His life can be released into them. It is fascinating to see how the Holy Spirit shows up in a big way and how believers respond to His joy, excitement and fulfilment.
THE POWER- At GIWC, the presence of God is so strong with a visible manifestation of power that brings salvation, healing, deliverance, prophetic direction and restoration in the lives of the congregation. A solution centre with fantastic testimonies abounding, those seeking God’s intervention should not drag their feet. Their lives will never be the same.

GIWC seek to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. The church is mandated to bring the lost to Christ and prepare lives for heaven. They focus on discipline – blending the charisma with character and remaining uncompromising on holiness.
SUNDAY SERVICES: Sunday Victory Services are held between 7-10am. All are invited to the place of restoration and thanksgiving, a port of call for healing and a venue where lives are changed by the power of God’s Word.

BLOOD SERVICE EVERY TUESDAY: A Blood and teaching service are held at 6pm. Hopeless cases are completely turned around through the application of the superior Blood of the Lamb. Join them for a time of divine visitation with an outflow of miracles and impartation.
BREAKTHROUGH ALL-NIGHT EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH: An all-night-long package which includes Praises, Worship, Deliverance, Prophetic ministrations and directions. Scores of testimonies abound of many delivered from deep rooted demonic bondage and witchcrafts; huge yokes and curses broken, demonic altars and covenants destroyed and all manner of healings manifested.

THE VENUE– Community 2 Tema, near White House. Greater Accra, Ghana
ENQUIRIES – +233 (0) 244 763667; +233 (0) 24 2867100

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