Gospel Artist Anita Afriyie expresses joy for completing Bible school

Anita Afriyie, who graduated not too long, made it known to Ghanacreativearts.com that many people sees Bible schools as irrelevant but to her, she believes it’s good for everyone to attend Bible school if they can.

“Many people think it’s waste of time attending, but I think the Bible schools adds up and opens one’s knowledge and give opportunities for one to understand the word of God better” she said.

Anita Afriyie in her graduation robe

According to her, she will urge her friends and people within the gospel music industry to attend Bible school. “My fans and friends because I believe Bible college education forces students to delve more deeply into God’s word and the study of theology.

“Their experience in the classroom exposes them to more and diverse insights and ideas that they otherwise may not have ever known. Correspondingly, it enables them to further develop for themselves their own positions regarding certain key doctrines of faith” she added.

She continued that, “This will prepare them to better confront sensitive issues such as baptism, predestination, suffering, evolution, and the like”

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