The Grass to Grace Story of Ghanaian Flamboyant Pastor, Bishop Sam Owusu

* Borrowed GHS 5 to come to Accra in 2003
* Wedded Wife with a used wedding gown
* Honeymoon inside Motor Park
* Blessed with USD$20,000 by a Mad man

Bishop Sam Owusu and his wife, lady Joyce
Bishop Sam Owusu
Bishop Sam Owusu, Head Pastor ( Champion Ways Chapel Int.)

On being “a flamboyant Pastor”: “It is because I know of where I came from. I will never do anything inferior for God. Who says that being flamboyant is satanic? Satan has nothing. The Bible says, “I give you power to get wealth”. Even if I look expensive, it is more of what I give out than what I wear or have.
You see, God can bless anybody, and in every nation there are people he has chosen to bless but there are principles and that’s what people must understand, principles are the same even though the process sometime changes. I believe in giving and I believe must give to be connected to God’s blessing. “I came from a family where it was difficult to succeed, in fact there is nothing to write home about my childhood. I was born poor, from a typical village without education. We were so wretched that our parents could not afford sending any of us to school. While growing up, I hawked to survive. Even after receiving my calling, nothing worked for me. All the three churches I started collapsed, and on my wedding day, I couldn’t afford a wedding gown for my wife. She had to make use of her friend’s gown, the lady was also getting married that same day and the arrangement was for her to pass it on to us around 12 noon, but the timing changed, and by the time she got hold of the gown, everyone has left including the Pastor, our marriage was actually blessed by my friend, the best man.
After the wedding, we left Kumasi for Accra with a borrowed 5cedis to add to our transport fare.
And getting to Accra, we had nowhere to lay our heads. Somewhere in Neoplan Station, my wife and I had to sleep at the motor park for over four months, from there a friend housed us in Adabraka, Accra Central where we were sleeping in a corridor. My friend couldn’t have harbored us in his one single room. Life was tough and rough for us. I hawked at the bus station for survival. But I never gave up hope, because the message I received from God about moving to Accra was a clear one. He said he will bless me if I can also give him everything. I started preaching at the motor park, from there we started a church and on the day of our harvest, we raised an amount of 240 Cedis, then God said to me, give it to me and immediately I obeyed his instruction and I informed my wife that the money was not ours but God. Thereafter, we arranged the money in a white envelope and left together with my wife to Dzorwulu (Accra) to see Bishop Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel, getting there we handed the money to him and he blessed us.
Walking back home, something strange happened. There was this popular mad man at Dzorwulu junction, around the traffic light. He was walking towards my wife’s direction, as I was on the other side, so I rushed there to prevent him from getting close to her and lo and behold he emptied all the debris he was carrying on me, it was embarrassing but as I was wiping it off my face, there comes $100 notes mixed with the garbage, money everywhere, I mean $100 notes. What I did was to rushed and gathered the debris together and boarded a taxi home. Altogether the money was $20,000, that was how our story changed for better.14040082_1304251112926293_2058902983426673290_n

How did you receive your calling, was it through a revelation or how?
My calling was a strange one, no Prophet prophesied to me but a certain trader each time she came, she would always point at me and say that I would be a great Man of God. That I am a star and the glory of the family. And that was how it started. I started with no formal education, I had to train myself, in what I called self tutored by studying hard, reading books and today the results are all there for the world to see.14079886_1319298068088264_3090722904956781535_n
We have seen your ceaseless moments and miracles, are you called into the deliverance ministry?
As said earlier, I come from a poor family, poverty reigned, ancestral curses and demonic attack. I was the first son to enter the University. My father built an uncompleted house for 20 years. My brother built for 12 years, he could not complete it. But here and behold, when the curse was broken, I built a mansion 17 years ago in less than eight months. The Ikeja complex was built in five months and many more. Today, I have a comfortable family filled with graduates. I broke the curse. An average riverine man has a challenge and all of us have to contend with it. And God in His infinite mercy gave me power to liberate. In my programme at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, I showed it in my TV programme, a lady vomited 36 golden rings about 6-7years ago before the camera. So, God has chosen me for deliverance right from my days on campus. I was so popular in the Christian community on campus and because of my deliverance prowess and boldness some called me Desmond Tutu and all that. I have a loud voice, I can speak, I am an orator. I was simply unstoppable. I was an activist.14040141_1302863156398422_8445450452193386015_n
You are from a poor family, how were you able to transform that experience to what you are today?
What I suffered drew me nearer to God. Many times I give people who have one challenge or the other hope. Instead of you thinking it is all over, I give you hope, I always preach message of hope that you can do it. Then I knew where I was going, the vision was a cleared one, “Give me everything and I will bless you”. From the same Accra where I came in 2013 with a borrowed 5 cedis, we are touching lives all over the world. A story of God’s Grace. So, if you are suffering, your suffering will become a message, when you overcome your suffering, somebody will listen to your story. I didn’t let poor background stop me. So I am against those who make money and go abroad to buy one building for $500m. We should learn to affect life positively. Ghana is blessed.
With your encounter in the deliverance ministry, what is the real asset and how can it transform our society?
The situations need urgent attention in this country, many young men out there are very talented but face disappointment. Our young men with first-class degrees are all over the place, counting their toes. Many work on contracts and they are not paid. They become indebted! We Africans have foundational problems. The Bible says if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do. If God did not deliver me, I would end up not going to school, not married, I would end up not having a home, because that is what happened to everybody in my family. The reason why mine was different is because God stepped in. All those my family members that were suffering then, may be if they had made salvation, their story would have been different. Those that God has used to turn my life around were nobody, but when they came, they were delivered and are now helping others. Look at the people out there; some have no jobs, food, shelter and means of survival. When society frustrates them, they come to church. We try to help them; I give out scholarship. Do you know the number of people I have given out money to this morning before you came? We pay their house rents. They don’t have ministers to run to, they don’t even know their legislators. Church is still the only place that is close to the people. If these people were not given hope like what happened today, what will they turn out to be? The economy is bad. Most of them, why they come to church is to seek for help?14089084_1319658024718935_3763378831678672107_n You have lots of investments that you oversee, how do you manage all that and still run Church service?
I have managers, all they need to do is to forward their reports. I have professionals and I pay them every month. If ministers, legislators, local government officials are doing the same thing, Ghana would have been a better place. God will help us.
President Mahama is contesting for his second term in office. Are you satisfied with his leadership style and what is your message for him concerning December 7?
I don’t go to the Flagstaff house neither do I parade myself in the corridors of power. This is where I sit and get reports. I get reports from the masses. The report is nothing to write home about. The Church deals with masses. They are giving us weight. I am appealing to them to do something that will make us happy. All of us are meeting at the airport. Most of us travel abroad, we see the standard there. Can’t they give us steady electricity supply? We are not saying you should not eat but for God’s sake, give us a legacy that will go down well in the memory lane of generations. That is why I like Archbishop Benson Idahosa, he was my role model because of the legacy he left behind.



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