Highlights from Day 2 of the much-anticipated Mount Camel Experience 2017 with Bishop Sam Owusu in Liberia

The second night of the ongoing Mount Camel Experience 2017 took place in Monrovia, Liberia on Thursday March 17.
The crusade, hosted by Prophet Sammy David,  Founder and Senior Pastor of God’s Family Church International was led by the world renowned preacher, Bishop Sam Owusu.
The crusade was a success because of Bishop Sam Owusu ‘s enigmatic personality and spiritual knowledge. The congregants arrived early before time; they were eagerly waiting for the event to unfold and for the miracles to manifest the power of Jesus Christ.

The life-changing prophetic meeting healed many from the physical or social-that they have had previously. For that reason, the attendees were left teary eyed after witnessing the Divine Presence tread on the Paynesville, venue of the crusade. Bishop Sam owusu, popularly known in his home country Ghana as Apostle of Grace has received the Lord’s precious gift to heal; and as the service went on lives  were transformed, healing miracles took place in the bodies and hearts of men, and people were inspired to do more for the Lord Jesus Christ.

About Bishop Sam Owusu:
Bishop Sam Owusu is a Ghanaian religious minister who is the Head Pastor of Champion Ways Ministries also known as the Potter’s Vielle Church in Accra. With the help of this ministry, Dr Owusu has initiated and done countless good deeds for everyone who is suffering from social illnesses and from poverty as well. And that’s not all-Bishop Sam Owusu periodically shows his God-gifted healing ability during his crusades and prophetic meetings. These healing abilities showcase the masses about God’s unalloyed power.

Below are some of the pictures sent to us by one of the attendees.

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