Highlights from Portersville Church’s History Makers Impartation Conference

As the name defines itself, the History Makers Conference is an annual gathering of all believers around the globe who believe God for a season and time to make positive history in their lives through an encounter with the holy spirit and God’s servant Bishop Sam Owusu and other anointed hosts.

History Makers Conference centers on a vision of creating a greater tomorrow through the power of God’s grace upon a man’s life.
Bishop Sam Owusu, the founder of the Champion Ways Ministries also known as the Portersville Church is the visioneer of this mega conference.

Bishop Sam Owusu

Since it’s inception over the years, History Makers Conference has been known as one of the most talked about programs in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. It has raised businessmen, women, graduates, politicians and pastors.
People whom God has used his servant Bishop Sam Owusu to raise and restored to break records in their families, societies and countries.
This year’s was no exceptional, with great preparations from people after several advertisements and invitations done by the media and individuals.

Beginning on Sunday 12th, November 2017, the conference was gloriously launched by the father of the house Bishop Sam Owusu in attendance of thousands of people , invited guests, visitors from Nigeria, Togo, America, Liberia and every region of the country.
Starting the service were beautiful performances through song ministrations by the church choir dressed colorfully to bless the day with great songs.
After several performances by individuals as well, the official launching of the theme for this year’s conference was led by the visioneer.
Bishop Sam Owusu mounted the pulpit to declare greater grace of God’s visitation for the conference. The theme ‘GRACE FOR EXPLOITS’ was officially launched in an atmosphere of celebration accompanied by music, shouting, dancing and jumping of attendants.

Bishop Sam Owusu proceeded to officially unveil the invited guests in the person of Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Bishop Ebenezer Sefa, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh and himself as the host.
Picking up the message for the day, Bishop Sam Owusu preached on a message titled “Grace for exploits” which was the main theme for this year’s conference.
Speaking about grace he said the grace of God makes a nobody become somebody. The Grace of God gives you what you don’t deserve. It breaks all forms of protocols .
The grace of God is what sponsors and sustains your greatness in life.
The message came with force and the overflowing anointing upon the man of God’s life. The word preached brought salvation, healings deliverances, breakthroughs, restoration and testimonies to many.
The atmosphere was charged with divine visitation that man can’t understand. God’s glory was behold to experience and far to explain.

Others received a new life in Christ and began to speak in the holy ghost. Miracles, signs, wonders and prophecies were many of God’s unimaginable works that were witnessed on the day.
The crowd could not hold up their hearts anytime the man of God declared life, lifting, restoration, fulfillments into their destinies. They wanted more and God used his servant to bless their lives generously.
The service came to a close after six hours of unexplainable experience of the anointing of God in the house.
Bishop Sam Owusu drunk in the holy ghost imparted grace into their lives. It was a moment of humanity having an encounter with divinity.

Finding out from the attendants what their expectations were before coming to the conference ,many testified to believing God for a supernatural turnaround in their lives which they had an overdose.
Seeing through their expressions of joy, excitements and happiness in their heart’s, many thank God for a great service and could not leave without songs of joy and celebrations.
In subsequent days of the conference , the congregation received the ministrations of Dr. Lawrence Tetteh and Bishop Charles Agyinasare respectively who were used by God to touched many lives.
The Portersville Church is always known for hosting anointed and powerful men of God such as these Fathers. Expectations were high each night of services with attendants arriving from far and near on time ready to receive the Grace of God for exploits in their lives.
Before ministrations of these fathers, they were greatly welcomed in joy and celebration by the congregation with song ministrations led by the mother of the house Rt. Rev. Dr. Mrs. Joy Owusu. The wife of Bishop Sam Owusu. A great woman of God and song minister.

Each of these fathers came in a different dimension of the anointing of God and imparted unto the children of God.
There were powerful word ministrations which were about the grace of God. Receiving from the fathers, the congregation were inspired to live a Godly life so the grace of God can work in their lives.
Spiritual understanding of what grace truly entails were given through their ministrations.
Speaking, they threw more light on points such as Grace operates on the principles of hard work, determination, dedication, passion, focus, vision and self discipline.
The crowd could not hold their joy anytime these fathers speak Grace into their lives. Marriages, businesses, finances and their ministries.

There were marvelous testimonies of how God used Bishop Sam Owusu in previous years to transform, repaired and reshaped destinies as far as people who watched live services online also shared mind blowing testimonies.
Making history as the season demanded, Bishop Sam Owusu restored shattered destinies through his giving and blessing life. He donated a huge some of money to a widow with seven children who’s sad story was broadcasted on TV3’s restoration program hosted by Mrs. Stacey Amoateng.
Two other persons received scholarships to any educational level from the Bishop.
Preaching on the day four of the conference, Bishop Sam Owusu spoke about ‘Reactions for Recovery’ where he gave spiritual insight on how one can position him or herself to receive of the supernatural.
Speaking he said, you need to react to activate, and when you activate then you can recover.
Whenever you want to achieve greatly, put your words into action.

Speaking on how to receive from the prophet he said, you must connect your spirit to the realms of his word. After these words, the congregation was entangled with the prophetic move of the prophet where Bishop Sam Owusu gave accurate prophecies, revealed hidden life secrets and stories of people.
Many were amazed at the rate of prophetic revelations of the man of God.
Many recovered what they had lost through the prophetic insight, joy filled their hearts as they celebrate God for such a powerful service.

History Makers Conference has come to perform a purposeful task in the lives the people and has indeed made many break records and make histories in their lives.
There is no doubt history makers conference will in few years be the number one world recognized Christian conference because it has come to stay and it has indeed fulfilled it purpose.

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare with Bishop Sam and Rev Joyce Owusu
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