Highlights of the Grace Temple of Power Victory Chapel’s “Miracle Encounter” With Dr Lawrence Tetteh

For minutes you could literally feel the growing silence that crept into the auditorium as the sick came forward. In a brief moment the scores of people that filled the Grace Temple let go their personal problems and with one heart looked on with expectation as the Healing Apostle held on to the legs of a young lady who suffered from limb length discrepancy. The entire church went dead as with great confidence and sure composure the man of God instructed all attention to be fixed on the legs. With the least effort you could hear a neighbour’s breath. I could feel the sweat glide down my face as I watched to see what would happen. He said the name “Jesus”, and there it was…………….the shorter limb begun to grow under the full glare of awed believers. Within seconds a miracle had happened right before our very eyes, the church had gone wild, people screaming and cheering, dancing and worshipping. Jesus had done it one more time and the meaning of a Miracle Encounter had dawned on us all.

Host Pastor – Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr
Dr Lawrence Tetteh with Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr
Dr Lawrence Tetteh in a chat with Rev Josiah Aubin Snr and Apostle Aubin Jnr
Dr Lawrence Tetteh

It was a marvellous meeting and God showed up with many signs and wonders. The deaf heard, pains disappeared, sicknesses were healed and more people with the case limb length discrepancy received instant healings as he took time to teach on what he captioned, “Lord I need a miracle”.
The Miracle Encounter made a huge difference in the lives of believers and doubters alike. God disproved the theories of critics. Indeed His miracle working power is still alive today as it was in the days of His early Apostles.

The night was one of sheer bliss as we had the privilege of hosting as well our Father himself, The Rev. Josiah Aubin Snr. It was a great blessing.

Apostle Josiah and Lady Rita Aubin

We look forward to fellowshipping with you at Power Victory Chapel – Grace Temple.
You can visit the church anytime you are in the Agbogba – Ashongmann area, it’s close to the Ahmadiyya Vocational School. PVC Grace Temple can be located easily using Google Map.
Call any of the following numbers for directions: 020 379 2400/ 027 414 0735
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Rev Josiah Aubin Snr with Dr Lawrence Tetteh
Rev Mrs Veronica Aubin with Dr Lawrence Tetteh
Rev Mrs Barbara Tetteh

Minister Emmitt Jim

Minister Emmitt Jim



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