How Feyisola Adeyemi Is Raising a new generation of designers through ‘Mentoring Masterclass’

Luxury, worshipped for its elegance yet exclusivity, is the home to many household names for their unique styles and state-of-the-art tailoring, including none other than Feyisola Adeyemi. Setting herself apart from the bulk of her competitors, Feyi, a surrealist fashion designer is a proud supporter of animal rights and her collections are free from animal-based fabrics.

LuxuryByFeyi’s primary goal is to use their fashion brand to contribute positively to humanity. This much the brand showcases by proving that animal cruelty does not have to be a part of fashion. Whether she is designing and or making “ethical occasion-wear”, teaching the ins and outs of running a sustainable clothing label in her Masterclass, the creative director behind the luxury brand, Feyisola Adeyemi, is committed to the protection of animals from cruelty and also environmental pollutions occasioned by unethical activities in the fashion industry.
85% of the fur industry skins come from animals on fur factory farms, causing millions of deaths each year and with very detrimental effects on the environment. The production of wool, fur and leather is one biggest infliction on the environment by way of climate change, land devastation, pollution and water contamination.

From commenting on the red carpet to dressing Hollywood’s starlets, Feyisola Adeyemi’s fashion aspirations have taken her a long way from her days as a radio disk jockey. Expressing herself through fashion, Feyi, founder and creative director of LuxuryByFeyi, is at heart an artist. Either, her designs are gracing the EMMY red carpet, dropping jaws at the NACCP Awards, Adeyemi’s love of fashion is loud and clear. While her days in radio taught her how to run a successful mini-firm, it was her love of the wearable art-form that took her to the design studio. She sees fashion as an extension of her personality, an opportunity to express herself and visualise her ideas, dreams, visions and imaginations through her designs.

Her ability as a storyteller runs true, as we discover her journey from Nigeria to Ireland and finally to London through her inspiring designs. About growing up in Nigeria, Feyi pays homage to the powerful embroidery, colours and loud prints, yet delivering a twist in honour of her style. Aiming for a bright and glorious future, Adeyemi hopes to see LuxuryByFeyi generate a global impact. Beyond her success, featuring in Vogue or her catwalk showcase with Aston Martin, Feyi, prides finding fulfilment in her profession by impacting humanity and contributing in her own unique way to making the world a better place as her greatest accomplishment. Before embarking on her career under the glittering lights of the fashion industry, Feyi felt caged as a radio broadcaster, unable to use her creativity to craft inspiring and impactful stories.

Behind the Designs
A multiple award-winning surrealist fashion designer, Feyisola Adeyemi operates from her London studio, peopled by artisan tailors, providing a one to one service to create highly engineered bespoke garments for her clientele. Feyi’s passion for art and design, coupled with Nigerian craftsmanship sets her designs apart, letting her surreal approach to fashion design to shine bright. Consistently demonstrating her love for nature, including wildlife, allows her designs to live on as timeless pieces of art. “Timeless rather than trend-led” is one of the brand values that we pride ourselves. Thus, rather than mass-produce, we recycle or re-use some of our existing materials to avoid environmental pollution occasioned by waste. I believe the fashion industry needs to slow down on unnecessary mass-production which ultimately turns out as waste and causing harm to the environment.

According to the 2019 figures from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions. This is far more than all international flights and maritime shipping activities combined. If we continue on this trajectory, the percentage could be more than 50 % by 2030”, says Feyi. “The passion to fight resource and waste pollutions causing severe damage to our environment is part of the core values we religiously observe at LuxuryByFeyi – and we will do whatever we can to make this happen”, Feyi said. All these values make LBF intrinsically more sustainable without any iota of doubt.

LuxuryByFeyi consciously pays meticulous attention to materials used and fashions their creative approach towards using technical and theoretical values accomplished in art and architecture design in redefining luxury. At LBF, we are either designing or making ethical clothing from recycled or reusable fabrics as well as from other sustainable materials, or lending our voice to encourage others to understand that cruelty to animals should not be part of fashion, we would not stop protecting humanity in our unique way, said Feyi. She believes it is high time designers change the way they think about materials and how they are produced.

Passing the Torch
Since her days in the radio industry, Feyi Adeyemi has seen the benefit of teaching and sharing her skills and experience with the next generation for them to flourish. After successfully launching her label, debuting at the MTV Europe Music Awards and the Coachella stage, Feyi is passing on her experience to guide new designers on how best to break into the luxury goods market. Providing the knowledge and the skills to create a sustainable fashion brand, her masterclass provides the tools to break into one of the most in-demand sectors of the fashion industry.
Feyi is passionate about her desire to inspire, educate and enrich budding designers. She understands that support to break boundaries in the high world of luxury fashion is vital, especially in the early years of a business’ life. Experience is one of life’s greatest lessons. “To learn from my experience would help them narrow down a lengthy timeframe of getting their brand-building structure right,” she reveals. Between her e-learning program and weekly online mentoring sessions, to her Unstoppable Fashionista e-book for download, Feyi has carefully developed her mentoring Masterclass Program commencing on the 15th of November 2020 to help her mentees learn the importance of staying true to their artistic vision, using their brand to impact humanity, sourcing sustainable materials for a collection, offering industry contacts and giving tips on how best to pitch to stockists and fashion buyers.

For information regarding Luxury by Feyi’s Masterclass please visit:
Instagram: @luxurybyfeyi || @feyisworld
Facebook: Feyisola Adeyemi || Luxurybyfeyi
LinkedIn: Feyisola Adeyemi

Wardrobe: LuxuryByFeyi
Stylist: Rita Latinwo
Hair: Harmony hair
Creative direction: Feyisola Adeyemi
Creative coordination: Brenda David
Photography: Michael Tubes

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