‘I Married at 33, a Virgin’ – Chigul Reveals Her Marriage Crashed Within a Year, More

Chioma Chigul Omeruah has opened up about a part of her many people never knew about.
In a new episode of Kemi Adetiba’s King Women hosted by Accelerate TV, the top actress and comedian talked about her life, family, career, failed marriage and more.

The 2nd of 4 children, Chigul’s father moved them around the country a lot because of his position as an Air Force officer. As a child, she didn’t do particularly well in school and this upset her dad.
“I failed in school and my father decided that I would not continue in school,” said the actress who added that she was moved to Air Force college in Lagos for that embarrassment. “I wasn’t necessarily the brightest. I was kind of dull.”
The actress spoke more, giving insight on her life some of which were partly revealed in her TEDxEuston speech.

A part of the King Women interview that has moved many of her fans on social media is her revelation that she was once married and that the union failed within one year.
“It was one of the worse things I had ever had to got through but one of the best things because it taught me so much. I’m still learning. And would I have changed anything about it? Looking at it now- no, because it happened for a reason and it happened at one year with no children, no attachments,” said the actress.

She continued, “I married at 33 and I married a virgin.”
The statement has set a major conversation on marriage and certain ideals forced on women to prepare the for men that would become their husband. “Virginity is not a guarantee for good marriage! She just proved a huge point,” said one fan @asa_chukwuabiama, while another @stuchbeddings, added, “I can’t imagine what she must have gone through.”

Watch the interview:

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