Ibile Peaceful Assembly condemns anti-democracy in Lagos House of Assembly

  • “This kind of rascality and impunity that we are experiencing in Lagos State will not be allowed and tolerated”.
    He urged well-meaning Nigerians to condemn the actions of the APC leadership as such could derail our democracy.

Founder of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa has raised alarm against the APC leadership in the Lagos state House of Assembly to turn Lagos into a one-party state. In a press release, he said “We considered the ascersion of the Chairman, House Committee on Information, Strategy, Publicity and Security, Mr Tunde Braimo of Lagos State Assembly as a troubling conundrum. We are not saying majority rule is not necessary for expressing the popular will and the basis for establishing their deceptive progressive campaign but minority is bound to disagree on any anti people ideal of the majority.

Lagos State House Assembly’s should understand that the consensus cannot be the basis for making political or legislative decisions because minority rule is antithetical to democracy. Is this Lagos assembly? or fascist organisation because any state assembly without minority leaders will surely pave way for majority (APC members) to abuse its powers to oppress the minority voters that send those traitors to that chamber to represent their communities. The PDP members in their constituents were not consulted before the 6 members proceed for their foster interests and that mean the 6 members get fascinated with what being an APC members is there benefiting and that now compel 6 of them to decamped from PDP to APC. Someone should stand as minority leaders to represent the will of the minorities’ votes. We should stop being economic with truth and for once to tell Mr Obasa and his loyalists and APC leaders the dangers of the tyranny of the legislature which should be condemn by all Lagosian because it is of great importance in a LSHA not only to guard the Lagosian against the oppression of deceptive progressives campaigners, there is need for minority leader in that assembly to guard the rules of the assembly against the injustice of those who decide to tell us the rules is now superfluous and whims.

It is time to compel Mr Buraimoh to resign as the chairman Lagos Assembly house committee on information and strategies since his appointment as the chairman is not constitution guarantees but the creation of the assembly and that mean the office that gave him privilege to send deceptive information to the public is also based on the whims and the rules he just describes as fascist. The minority’s rights must be protected no matter how alienated a minority is from the majority members of Lagos state assembly; otherwise, the majority’s rights lose their meaning. Ibile Peaceful Assembly will surely protest the heinous decision of the majority of the house of Lagos Assembly members to prevent Lagos State government from becoming a vehicle for the “tyranny of the APC government because they have concluded on how to stifled minority voices and imposed regimentation of thought and values.

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