Integrity, Commitment, Remain Key To Success, Says Dr. Dauda Lawal As He Covers PLEASURES MAGAZINE Sept/Oct 2020 Issue

Trust and integrity are the two most important ethical traits in the corporate world. When surveyed, employees, middle managers and executives typically cite these two concepts as important to their overall view of the company, their job and their commitment to compliance with the company’s code of conduct.

For Nigerian foremost banker, financial analyst and politician Dr. Dauda Lawal who was featured on the cover of the September/October 2020 edition of PLEASURES Magazine, he simply said the key to achieving greatness individually and collectively as a nation is to have a good reputation which shows your true character.

“This is one of most inspiring entrepreneurial features of the year for Pleasures Magazine. If even one young African reads it and is inspired, the goal of the magazine will have been accomplished,” observes Adedotun Olaoluwa, Publisher of Pleasures Magazine in a statement he shared with the Associated Press (AP).

He said PLEASURES Magazine presents the theme of the September/October 2020 issue of your deluxe Pan-African Entrepreneurial and Luxury magazine with a focus on “Integrity and Trust” while featuring a Nigerian foremost banker, financial analyst and a gubernatorial candidate of the last governorship election in Zamfara state, Nigeria.

On Importance of Trust and Integrity
Speaking with Pleasures magazine, Dauda Lawal who is also the Executive Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of Credent Capital said “Integrity is one key element that helps to shape your way of thinking and give comfort to your business partner. What people majorly look at in business is your integrity. Most people are of the opinion that if they find themselves in any kind of business relationship, they should rest assured that everyone will keep to their part of the agreement.

”This is not something you buy in the market, so you have to work hard to achieve it and don’t get distracted by anyone. Because there are lots of temptations especially now when young people want to be at the top by all means instead of going through the process. I want to be like that man overnight and in most cases, they crash easily because they don’t painstakingly grow through the process of leadership. You also have to be determined in life, because of challenges that come with the work, it could be the environment, your boss, or even the work you do. Maybe you see someone elsewhere doing the same and you feel you can go to work anytime and do whatever task given to you with a lackadaisical attitude approach, just note that people are watching you, you have to put in your best”.

On Relationship
Dr. Lawal said, “I am always happy to hear that I made huge impact in the lives of people, especially the young generation but to me, I just feel it is nothing so difficult or special in terms of bringing people close to me and be a role model to them irrespective of who they are and where they came from or even ethnic background. The most important thing is, there is value in every human being. Never underrate anybody in your life even the most junior officers. Don’t feel because someone is the most junior officer you can bully him or do things to frustrate him, dignity matters. Treat people with dignity. When you do that, no matter how terrible the challenges, you can excel in it.”

On why smart people are diversifying, especially in a country like Nigeria
He said, “Looking at what is happening globally, there is a need to diversify especially in a country like Nigeria where everything relies on the government, and the earlier the better we discover that the government cannot do everything, the better for us. Smart people are doing well for themselves, doing business and excelling so it is important to be optimistic and that is the way forward for the younger generation. We need to be more enterprising and key into all aspects of business and do it with passion.”

Speaking further, the Publisher said the issue also includes a special feature on the history of the renowned, iconic Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. A magical hotel at the forefront of the luxury hotel sector in France , built in 1864 on the arid Plateau des Spélugues, when Monte-Carlo was barely taking shape.

Plus a brief on the new cause Feyisola Adeyemi, CEO and Creative Director of London based women’s apparel label LuxuryByFeyi is championing. A teaching platform tagged “The Unstoppable Fashionista Brand Building Masterclass” to help budding designers on fashion branding structure. This Masterclass is an e-learning four weeks class and spaces can be booked via our website in advance before the 15th of November 2020.

We also have an exclusive on the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020, an initiative by MiSK FOUNDATION, an NGO founded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia created to elevates startups worldwide.
And as usual, the magazine is incomplete without your usual light stories and other human interest narratives. Read the interesting beautiful destinations, Lustica Bay, Montenegro to Old Course, St Andrews to name a few. These and many more reports combine in making the magazine a collector’s item and reading pleasure for all and sundry.

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