Introducing Nigerian Gospel Singer – Prince Ifeanyichukwu Gideon

Prince Ifeanyichukwu Gideon has honed the art of quality gospel tunes and created a peculiar platform for his category of music, so far away from the pedestrian tunes that ravage the generation.
Prince Ifeanyichukwu is a Nigerian award-winning gospel artiste, songwriter and recording artiste that have written his name in the fabric of the Nigerian and Ghanaian music industry.

Prince Ifeanyichukwu Gideon is a musical force to reckoned with. Hailed from Aba in Abia state, south-eastern part of Nigeria. The fast-rising artiste sings in both English and his native language, Igbo.14331559_10207621870610228_1681531971_n

Prince Ifeanyichukwu Gideon started his musical career professionally in 2002 although he has been involved in church musical performances from his early young days. He has gone on to release some notable singles on major Radio stations in Lagos and in the eastern part of the country without notice.
After moving to Ghana, he started Nigeria’s live band in 2007 in a live performance at the Ghana International Trade Fair Center with a group he formed that consist of heroba talking drummer ,delta and Igbo keyboardist and my Igbo boy as a drummers.
The Ghanaian-based Nigerian artiste keeps making good strides in the music industry and promises a bright future with his career. His passion and love for music have seen him whiter the storm to persistently and consistently turn out good Christian music for his steaming supporters and fans.14330847_10207621869010188_920965520_n
He is a talented writer and composer with genre ruminating around RnB, Afrocentric fusion of highlife praise and inspirational worship songs. He has an album “ejila mmadu eme onu” released in 2013 and he is currently working on his second.
In this chat with Pleasures Magazine, he reveals the story behind his album, except:

At what point did you realize the talent and take it serious?
It was after my National service year that I decided to take music serious. All the while I was using my music as a service to church that actually made me know that I could use my music as a tool to reach lives and influence people. I used to sing when I was a child, acted dramas in church and sang in the choir. Music played a very strong role in my getting born again. When I went to church and saw the young people dancing and singing and the music was beautiful. That was what attracted me to get born again and gave myself to Christ. I started singing in church and served in the choir, it was there I saw that I could use my music to serve God and touch people so I went fully into it. That was the beginning of realizing that I could do more with my music.
What led to your being born again because you keep mentioning it?
It was music, nobody preached to me.
What kind of music?
It was a praise and worship music and was the first time I was witnessing full instrumentation in music. I saw people playing the saxophone, violin and playing drums. And it was all being done by young people. I felt like, this is what I have always wanted. I was actually attending another church when a friend of mine invited me over for that service. When I got to the church it was amazing.
When you heard that violin and all the good music, how did you fell?
I was just in awe. It was like I was in an another world, it was different from everything I had experienced in live. Don’t get me wrong, I was used to good music as an unbeliever but I never found that good music in church but when I got to that church, I was amazed.14331536_10207621872650279_1697638333_n
How long have you been writing songs?
I have been doing that for over 10 years.
Some artistes start as gospel musicians and later cross over, are you looking at the angle?
No, it is not for me. Music is a ministry for me. Music is one of the greatest thing that fives me joy
Why do you think Hip Hop and other genres of music are improving drastically while gospel is still at a snail’s pace?
Gospel music is making impact but because it has not been promoted enough, that is what I am thinking. We need to promote it very well to get the desired result. Gospel music means good news music so it is good music. Our job is to ensure that we get gospel music available to people.  My reason for doing music is just to use it to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus and to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus.14348919_1237337309630232_1212805134_n
When you started your music career, did you think you will get this big?
I did not know, I will just say that I am amazed, I am grateful and will continue to reach people all over the world.
Lets talk about your album, how many tracks are there on the album?
It’s a 5 track album
How long did it take you to put the album together?
Well, I actually did singles long before the album was released. I started the process in 2005, I wrote my first song when I was admitted in the hospital in 2005, though I was quite reluctant about an album. I wanted to do more of singles but the demand for an album came pressing. It was officially launched in 2013 and the video was released in 2015.
So tell us about your hit track. How did it come about?
Well your Hit track may not be my hit track. hahahaha!! But on a more serious note, 24 Elders, Vine tree, Onu na oye dipa, Oluoma Jesus, All nations praise are hit songs
Anything else you’d like to add?
I want to tell your readers that I don’t believe Africa is a complete basket case. Africa is rising. There are many hugely talented young Africans and they are the future. I believe in that future!


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