Irene Akoto opens Luxury CK Hair and Beauty salon in Accra

Just when you thought Accra couldn’t get any better than it already is, something exciting happens and everything changes.

CK Hair and Beauty salon, a re-branded beauty and grooming studio located in Achimota area of Accra Ghana is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to be pampered. From its modern and well equipped Hair Salon, to the Nail and Makeup Studio, maintained at exceptional high hygienic standards, there is no where else to go for quality beauty and grooming.

Founded by Irene Akoto, a Ghanaian socialite,  the beauty entrepreneur stated in an interview with Pleasures Magazine that the vision of CK Hair and Beauty salon was to create a full line of services such as Nail Services, Wig Making, Installations, Hair Wash, Body Waxing, Massages and many more.

CK Hair and Beauty salon has a reputation for excellent products and customer service. We are now expanding our passion for highest quality into new services. I would like to personally invite everyone to come and taste the CK Hair and Beauty experience.

CK Hair and Beauty salon is a state of the art equipped salon that caters for the need of everyone. In that we have products and services for all classes and ages.
It is poised to groom its clients in order to put a bounce in their step and improve their confidence.

Irene Akoto

We give you the family reception when you step into CK beauty salon. Clients do not just feel welcome, we give you the pampering you not only paid for but deserve as well. We help you forget the stress of the outside world.

The rebranded CK beauty salon offers services like:
HAIR WASH – we use the best products in the business, baring in mind any allergies clients may have.

HAIR BRAIDING – we give you the various styles to make you not just look good, but good enough to make you bring a friend on your next visit.

WEAVE ON FIXING – no matter what type you require, we are able to meet it.
WIG CUP FIXING – you can trust us with any and every type of wig cup. You can purchase one of our already made wig cups or bring your own hair pieces for us to fix it to your uttermost satisfaction.

DREAD LOCKS – we start and take you on your locking (dread lock) journey. With us, your locks look and smell good.

MANICURE – there’s nothing like having a confident handshake. No need to hide your nails from anyone, trust us at CK beauty salon to give you not just beautiful nails but soft palms as well. We provide all types of manicure for women and men as well.

PEDICURE – after a hard day or week’s work, come put up your feet and close your eyes and by the time you open them, you won’t just have beautifully cleaned feet, but you’ll be totally relaxed.

MAKE UP – we provide make up for all occasions, parties, award shows, weddings etc.
On that most cherished day, our bridal make up would give you the confidence and beautiful to walk down the aisle. Whichever look you desire (demure, blushing bride, standout, sexy, nude etc.) we can achieve.

NATURAL HAIR – we are specialists in the treatment of natural hair as well. You don’t have to have just one look because of you have natural hair, we would have you rocking so many styles with your natural hair.

CK salon does not just perform all these amazing services but share knowledge as well. We train interested hair stylists to improve or acquire the skill we have mastered.

STAFF – our staff is the pride and face of our establishment. They have skills to meet the demands of the today trendy person. We don’t stop there, we continuously give them up to date refresher training to meet the ever evolving world of beauty and grooming.
Our staff is ever ready to assist you in any way you might need them to, without imposing on you. They are professionally trained and therefore no demand is too much for them to handle.

Our customer service is next to non, the moment you walk in you feel at home; in fact, we keep you smiling and looking forward to your next appointment with us. For rapid attendance, you can make an appointment by calling CK hair and beauty salon on +233 233 066 600

CK Hair and Beauty Spa is located between Kingsby Hotel and Kingsby roundabout, Achimota in Accra Ghana.
Instagram: @ireneakoto_loa
Opening Hours are Monday – Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sunday 12:00pm – 7pm. Customers can also enjoy a 20% discount for all services till November 2018.



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