Money has always been a form of defence to every relationship. Any country without a defending system is bound to be over throne or overcome by enemies. In the same content, a relationship cannot stand or last without money. Money plays a vital role in binding and solidifying relationships and everything around us is centred on money. This is the more reason why every partner needs to talk about money in their relationships.

Sex talks should never be talked more than financial management in a relationship. You will be amazed to discover the number of relationships that have broken down because of money. In Today’s relationship, it is possible to say that financial freedom has become a tool in bringing peace and longevity in most relationships and providing couples freedom to pursue their lives.

It is therefore important to know that, as much as money is good in binding couples together, we need to accept that, it may not necessarily buy anyone happiness if truth is not attached to money. Couples need to make time to talk about their financial matters. This helps couples to establish a good relationship with money and how they can tackle any issue that may arise in the relationship due to lack of understanding.

Everybody is different and have different spending habits. This means that, living together as couples in a relationship, you must be opened to talk about money if only you both want to have a future together. Spend quality timed to discover the types of attitude each person has regarding money. Just like anything else, discovering your attitude to money, gives you the platform to have a better understanding of how both of you spend money.

Some couples are very good and have disciplined approaches in how to handle their money. Each partner knows the type of person they are dealing with when it comes to money management in the relationship. Some are able to identify themselves as money spenders, money misers, money haters and money wasters. Depending on whatever each partner strengths or weaknesses are, find time to talk about money as it helps to know how to deal with money matters when the heat is on.

As a lifestyle coach, I have witnessed instances where money has played a major part in relationship breakdown. Happy and lovely marriages have ended up in terrible divorce simply because; money has been given the power to destroy the relationship. Money matters have caused more arguments in most relationships than anything else because of different perspective about how to handle their finances.

Don’t let money matters control your relationship.

You will be very surprised to find out the number of divorces that occur as a result of money matters. Money is a powerful energy that drives and control relationships and if time is not allocated to talk about it, it destroys the relationship. Whatever the thought each partner has it is necessary to talk about it and be clear on how a partner in the relationship wants to handle their financial issues. This helps to create an atmosphere of peace and love.

Let’s talk about it babe is written to highlights the need for couples spending quality time to talk about money and other things within the relationship. Relationships are great treasures to have but, when things are not dealt with sensibly through effective communication, lives are damaged or disabled.

It is better to talk about things and find solution to problems than to assume and let money dig a hole in your relationship beyond repair. It is good to talk about money matters. You must both decide as couples when it is appropriate to sit down and discuss how money is being spent in the relationship and it must be done in a mutual way and respectful manner.

Never talk about money when one partner is busy or distracted by a football game or breakfast. Sensitive matters must be allocated for in order to gain full results.

Money can cause friction in any relationship. Talk about it regardless

Many years back, my wife and I have argued over money and how it should be spent. This brought a lot of headaches to us especially me as I love to be very calculative and see myself as a wise spender whiles as Deborah, loves to

spend money on any need that arises. We spent hours and hours arguing about what the money was spent on in a very bad and terrible manner.

This does not help the two of us and it is very important for both of us to agree and make peace so that the children will not be affected negatively.

Money can be a good mediator but, can also be a terrible in-law, when given the chance.

My wife and I have come a long way with how we handle our discussion about money as we grow together by the grace of God we are now wiser in how we handle our finances. I have devised a monthly expenditure plan to help us organise our financial commitments. This has been helpful for us.

Never see argument over money as the licence to separate or divorce your partner. It takes time to come to the full understanding of each other’s spending habits. Remember that, there is no relationship without argument or riff, learn to talk about things and find solutions to the challenges. Your relationship is very unique than your next door neighbour’s. So you must always learn to talk about money matters the best way that fit your relationship and stay focused on your relationship and you will overcome any challenges victoriously.

Talk about money matters in your relationships before things get out of hands.


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