It’s All About Good Leadership And Change For E.U Moses

As the charismatic and Christ-centered leader of one of the fastest growing churches in Accra, Ghana, Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo is no stranger to change or leadership. He has grown his church by over 3,500% in less than five years and he has been a blessing to millions in the US, Europe, across Africa, and around the world in person and via syndicated television. Prophet Moses has become both a pillar of faith and a beacon of hope for all who hear his message.

Moses Ugbogonogo, the senior pastor of Evangelistic Vine Ministry International, an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation with signs following has made a name for himself with his touching messages and lately, his unique take on entrepreneurship in the church.

The beginning of his ministry was filled with lots of ups and downs before it became what is known as today. He traveled the length and breadth of Ghana holding revivals and crusades before the Lord asked him to start the ministry after a 21 day of fasting and prayers in a farm , located in Ejisu Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

His path crossed with Pastor Allen Smith and Bishop Clive Mould in Togo through whom he experienced a great impact of the ministry of Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams. After listening to one of his messages on prayers, his life was altered by divine fire.

He is also known worldwide for his Deliverance and Prophetic Ministry. Prophet Moses is the author of two great and inspiring books: ‘Momentum’ and ‘Anointing of the Spirit ‘.
He strives to perfection in everything he does in a ministry, Prophet Ugbogonogo’s mission is to equip the next generation of Christians who would have much influence in the world. He wants them to be as obedient to the Lord as possible and use the power He is blessing them with for spreading the good news of Christ.

Prophet Moses founded VINE INSTITUTE FOR TECH AND FILM PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS in 2018. His passion to help people realize their life purpose, led him to start the programme. Through the Institution, Moses imparts people with the knowledge they need to discover, develop, release and maximize their hidden potentials.

The main aim of the programme is to see people succeed in their endeavours by providing them with the motivation they need in the race of life. social entrepreneurship initiative by.
Through VINE INSTITUTE FOR TECH AND FILM PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS, Moses also organizes professional training programme on Website Development, Mobile Apps Development, Graphic Designing, Video & Photo Editing and Cinematography.

“It is easier to give a fish to a hungry person to assuage his or her hunger temporarily. But when such a person is given the right equipment to catch fishes personally, that connotes a lasting positive empowerment process”. Senior Pastor of the church, Prophet Moses Ugbogonogo said in an interview with Pleasures Magazine.

“By nurturing worthwhile social ventures that align with our values, the focus of the Church is to increase our direct impact in the community in ways we would not otherwise have imagined. This initiative is designed to promote individual economic empowerment and by collaborating with and equipping young people with the human and financial capital of the church, we can create an exponentially broader reach to meet some of the challenges experienced by our most vulnerable neighbors.”
The programs which are designed to promote individual economic empowerment are also to give participants the opportunity to have their leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills honed through 4 different skills models.

Evangelistic Vine Ministries International (EVM CHURCH) is a mega Church and a Christian denomination founded by E. U. Moses. saddled with the responsibility of taking the divine presence of God to the world and demonstrating the presence of the Holy Spirit through the message of Power, Salvation, Prosperity, Prayer, Miracle and raising men and women to become spiritual giants in God’s kingdom for the purpose of advancing the gospel.

The EVM Church has since become a global network of churches with congregations in many countries. The Church’s headquarters is located in the heart of Accra-Ghana. adjacent Jehovah’s Witness Headquaters, along the Tema Beach rd., Accra – Ghana.

Phone: +233 244 78 0477
Facebook: E.U Moses

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