Le Rouge Living: Revolutionizing Interior Design

For Fatima Amma Indimi who is the Chief Executive Officer at Le Rouge Living, an interior design firm specializing in luxury interior architecture and design for both private clients and developers, she reveals that her vision started out as a burning passion for beautifully designed spaces, then it moved on to be a conviction. She remains committed to redefining the soul of the interior design industry.

Amma Indimi – CEO, Le Rouge Living

She speaks with PLEASURES MAGAZINE on how she is revolutionizing interior design for residential and commercial spaces.
Today, Amma is a leading figure in interior designs and her brands remain eye-popping for their timeless and artistic interiors targeting residential, hospitality and commercial projects. To achieve the massive success that she has, Amma says she works with the love she feels for the industry.

Whether the project is new construction, remodelling, or purely decorative, Amma and her team of professionals have been passionately transforming spaces and coming up with new innovative designs for homes, retail and commercial spaces.

More recently, her design focus has been Residential, hospitality and commercial and prior to that, it was on retail and corporate designs. Her specialties include over four years of International Interior Design Experience (including Design and Studio leadership within the Residential Hospitality and Commercial Architectural Interior Design industries).
According to her: “My experience in the luxury business has given me a 360 degree view of the project delivery process from programming to post-occupancy management. This experience, combined with natural design talent, has given me career strengths that are equally balanced between design and management. I have developed excellent programming and project organization skills, advanced communication skills and an international, multi-cultural view towards design and management.”

When she was asked about the uniqueness of her firm, she said “We take pride in our work, having achieved remarkable growth since 2016. At Le Rouge Living, our goal remains to make your personal aesthetic shine by providing new inspiration and ideas, while incorporating elements of your interest into every concept we present.
“We believe that our clients deserve the smartest solutions. When it comes to creating stunning spaces, we offer an unbeatable combination of flexibility, durability, and affordability. We are passionate about superior products and professional services and aim to deliver perfect results – each time, and for every client. Just as we cater to specific styles, tastes, budgets and deadlines, you can count on our expertise and experience at all stages, from concept to creation and completion.”

In each work, Le Rouge Living uses spectacular design techniques, which are closely linked with the possibilities of new technologies. Also, our lush and elegant interiors have intellectual overtones.

Website: www.lerougeliving.com
Instagram: @lerougeliving

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