Life At 62 – Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

The man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo flying in his Private Jet, as one of God’s blessings unto him. Who says, by God’s plan and standard, Private Jet is ONLY for unbelievers? It means, that God must be wicked. If you serve God truly, He will bless you real good- far above the unbelievers.
Meanwhile, the man of God not being a signatory to their church’s account and according to a recent interview with him, is an abomination for a man of God to be spending Church money! As against many people’s belief that maybe it is members Tithes and Offerings that men of God use to purchase their private Jets. For the genuine men of God- No it isn’t! They also run businesses just like every other entrepreneur, they work with their hands and do Ministry with their call.

They wake up every night to hold endless hours of Vigils, Study the Bible voraciously for many hours, Fast and pray more than any member of their church. Bishop Oyedepo hardly sleep for 4 Hours a day. As a matter of fact, most of these men of God finance more than 65% of their ministry projects with their PERSONAL money, while they feed hundreds of Widows every month, sponsor hundreds of Orphans every month, and help the helpless in a number of ways. Therefore God has no other choice other than to bless them far beyond everyone else, because they serve God whole heartedly. Before you criticize; How many Widows and Orphans do you feed everyday, and how much do you give God as Offering every Sunday- before you judge.

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