Linda Kyei Nimakoh: The Fine Line Between Love And Like

Love is a beautiful Thing! But Liking Someone means that, you are happy being with that person, whiles loving someone means that you absolutely cannot bear to be without that person. All in All, the difference between love and like has something to do with the depth of your emotions towards somebody. Liking someone may give you some warm, flattery feeling inside you, but its mostly superficial. Love on the other hand, involves much deeper, complex emotions , making it one of the greatest feelings that you will ever have in your lifetime! Love is an unconditional emotion.

However , why do we need to learn more about dating and courting? Is this not something, people just pick up from others and learn as they go? Is there a right and wrong way of dating? Or is it like learning to walk or ride a bike? Can People just naturally figure it out as they experience it? The reality is that,today’s standards of dating, courting and engagements are all totally wrong! But how can I say this? All you need to do is look at the astonishing array of ill effects to realize that, the dating and courtship practiced today are far off-track. Most People live their entire existence completely unaware of why things either go right or go wrong. They seen unable to group that, what they do or do not do, has a direct effect on their lives. Most People do not recognize that, for every cause, there is an effect. For every effect, there is a cause. God’s way of life, including the principles of right dating, courtship and engagements are based on the law of cause and effect. The Bible contains hundreds of laws and principles, each carrying the power of cause and effect, for those who keep or break them. Look at the world around you. It is littered with broken families, unhappy marriages, single-Parent homes, STDs, astonishing ignorance and widespread misery. Have you ever asked why? Why has mankind never been able to solve these and other great problems? Why do they only grow worse with the passing of time?

Because the laws and principles of God are being routinely broken by earth’s billions of human inhabitants. The Dating and the courtship that may ensue, are the precursors to relationships and ultimately marriages. Failed marriages are, as a result of wrong forms of dating and courtship. To determine whether, the dating practiced today is correct, we should first examine the fruits. In other words, we must analyze the effects of Dating today. If the effects are bad or rotten, then we should admit that something is wrong, Possibly very wrong, with the ways , that the People in the society practice Dating, courtship and even engagements. Therefore it is essential to examine, the overall state of the marriage institution. If Dating and courtship are being done properly, we should expect the general condition of marriages throughout society today to be healthy. When it comes to True love, some feel that, it is devotion, others feel that, it is sexual Passion , and still others feel that, it is affection. Then there are those who feel that it is adoration, or respect, or caring , or admiration or even warm feelings. But yet, still, others see it in Poetic sense, as a mystery that can not be explained. By looking at so many bad marriages resulting in separation or divorce, and the endless cycle of cohabitation for those who at one point thought they were in love, it is evident that the world simply

does not understand True Love. The Problem is that, so many initially felt that, a relationship was right, when it was not! So many thought that, they were in love, only to find out that their feelings were little more than. “Easy come, Easy Go”. Lust and Infatuation is a very wrong foundation for every relationship.

This is the result of bad marriages and divorce! Infatuation can involve very Powerful Attraction! Never underestimate it! While it stirs up the emotions and feelings that make couples think, they are in love!

Infatuation is nothing more than a starry-eyed experience, a romantic day dream. But at this point in a relationship, it is nearly impossible to convince anyone of this! Reason and logic seems to magically disappear aa people feel they are going through a wonderful, even divine experience, that will last forever. Whiles Infatuation almost invariably happens, True love develops more slowly. Love at first time, happens once in a while, by chance perhaps. But most of the time, it does not exist, and should more properly be called lust at first sight. Anything of worth, takes time. There is so much truth to this!

If couples do not have that mindset that, anything of value and with emotional maturity takes time and effort to acquire, their marriages will quickly crack under stress. Many never come to recognize that, marriage is much more mental, than emotional. As one well-known Author stated “People too often think with their hormones and sex organs, instead of sound logic”! Marriage and Dating is a mental decision. Something that should be objectively thought through over a period of time. But there is also a spiritual dimension to those who seek God’s guidance in finding a suitable life long mate. The real Proof of emotional maturity is not whether one falls in love or becomes infatuated. The true test of maturity is how you handle situations, circumstances and Relationships. What you choose to do about them! Lust of the flesh , lust of the eyes and Pride of life. Pause and Think about it for a moment! The three phrases in this Passage describing the world at large, sum up how so many people typically Date, Court and consequently get married! Understand! Those who seek to please God are not to fulfill the lust of the flesh. Yet millions do this, exact thing, when Dating and do it almost non-stop! So just few People use even the most basic common sense, which tragically seems to be not very common anymore! Most people rather, follow their hormones into very wrong relationships which ends in a cycle of disasters! All in All, In conclusion, Dating and Courtship Presents a variety of opportunities for young People and must be handled with utmost care! Real love does not happen by chance, it develops over time, based on all the important foundations, that the Creator has given us!

Information: Reside in chicago, united states.
Student: Devry University. Addison,il.
(Bachelor Degree in Bussiness Administration, majoring in Marketing and finance and banking)
Writer for: African Spectrum Newspaper, chicago,il.(Bolingbrook)
Occupation: Administrative assistant and Ward Assistant.
Completed: Bible school of Prophets from; Prophet Daniel Amoateng ministries.(LPC)
• London, united kingdom. April 2017.

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