b2Few years ago, when a typical Ghanaian woman is seen on the street with a low-cut hair, everyone tends to call her “Daavi”, all because this kind of hairstyle is common mainly in the Volta part of the country. So any woman with that kind of low-cut style is presumed as EWE.
But today the rhythm has automatically changed, thanks to Amber Rose, the Daavi’s and the rest of the bold women who defies all odds to show the manly side of them by shaving their hair to promote their brands and culture.
Now most of Ghanaian celebrities have adopted the Low-cut looks, when it was very few amongst many had that kind of hairstyle. Years back, it was Veteran actress Eunice Banini who had the Daavi looks, before Actress Akorfa Adjani Asiedu emerged.
And now, we have celebrities like Tiffany, Jozy, Crystabel Ekeh, Selly Ghalley, Mauvi, Ahuofe Patricia and many other outstanding women with this low-cut hair we are talking about. See pictures below
Below is our very own Mauvie of “Home Affairs” on Joyprime Channel, as she rocks in her low cutb1 This is a very beautiful and natural pics of Actress Crystabel Ekeh rocking in her beautiful lowcutb3

b4 This cute innocent lady you see here is a Present and TV Host who is known by all as Caroline Simpsongb5The Almighty Selly Galley of Big Brother Africa and Host of “The Premieres on Joyprime can never be left out when talk of resilient women in low cuts. She’s also an actress and a Presenterb6


By Blessing Roselyn Boateng

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