Meet Dr.Fred Korankye-Mensah: Talks Worst Experience , Mentoring, Entrepreneurial, Family life and Calling

  • ‘We need to train strong leaders with the principles of the word of God’

The success story of the founder and general overseer of the TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY, is quite inspiring. The history of the ministry confirmed the adage that behind every glory is a story to tell.
In this interview with Pleasures magazine, one of Ghana’s international preachers speaks about his calling, family life, entrepreneurship and worst experience. He also speaks on the value he live by and the vision behind the TRANSFORMATION assembly among others.

Dr.Fred Korankye-Mensah

Man of God, welcome and thank you for spending time with us at Pleasures Magazine.
It’s my pleasure and thank you for having me
Can you start by giving our readers a brief background of yourself, your experience?
My name is FRED KORANKYE-MENSAH. I came from a big family of ten and I am the 8th born. A husband of one wife and a father of 3
Man of God, what is your favourite meal and drink?
Fufu with goat meat and my favorite drink is water
What is your motto and what drives you?
Motto is TRANSFORMING LIFES and blessing nations. What drives me is a changed life

Is there a set of values that you live by?
My values are excellence, diligence and honesty

People talk much about the need for mentorship. What is your take on that? And who are your mentors?
I believe this generation needs mentorship more than any other. Reasons are this: there are a lot of kids without parents and they grow up without or with very little parenting. Also this generation is too much in a hurry to succeed hence the need to be mentored. Finally I think mentorship is all about reproducing success. My mentor is BISHOP BERNARD OWUSU ANSAH

What about your wake up time and sleep time? How many hours do you normally sleep and why?
Normally sleep by 9pm and up by 12 midnight to pray. I go back to sleep at 3am and wake up by 6am. In all my sleep time is 6 hours maximum

Reverend Dr.Fred and Lady Beryl Korankye-Mensah

Would you like to tell us anything about family?
My wife Beryl is a wonderful woman who has been married to me for 16years. In simple and plain words she’s been very sacrificial because she’s released me to the world. I have 3 biological children { Manasseh. 14. Fredericka 6. Jayden. I} and one adopted daughter ESTHER 22.

Now, to get where you are there is a story, how did it all start? How did you become born again and ultimately a mega church pastor?
I got born again when Rev Ebenezer Ghanasah came to preach in my secondary school. Afterwards I became very much involved with scripture union (S.U) and grew tremendously in the things of God. After a couple of years I started as an evangelist preaching in buses and also did lead praise and worship in church. I moved to Accra to continue my education at university of Ghana Legon and was pastoring a church at Bubuashie {international charismatic worship Centre) then after I got involved with school ministry. After school I married my friend beryl and we both started a church in 2001. I handed over the church to another pastor and traveled to start another church in Lagos Nigeria. God anointed me into itinerant ministry and I am very active in that till date. TRANSFORMATION ASSEMBLY was birthed a couple of years ago and God has been good to us.

Man of God, what has been the most interesting part of your ministry?
Most interesting part of ministry is when I see people saved and healed
What has been the most distressing part of your ministry?
Most distressing part is finances in the beginning but God has showed up always
What is the Vision of the ministry?
The vision of TRANSFORMATION assembly is to transform lives and BLESS NATIONS

What are the offices you operates in?
I am a teacher with prophetic spirit and evangelistic desire.

What inform the name of the ministry, Transformation Assembly?
I believe that ministry is all about transforming lives. So it’s an assembly of people who work towards transforming lives

Where do we see Dr. KM Fred in the next 5 to 10 years?
In the next 5-10years I see KM fred pastoring a huge assembly that influences society through the teaching of the word of God
They say ‘iron sharpen iron.’ Did you have any remarkable mentors or advisors who boosted you to where you are today, what you believe in and what you are committed to do in your work and life? Share with our followers about it.
Many people have helped me to get to where I am today in terms of mentorship. But the person who has tremendously impacted my life and ministry is Bishop Bernard Owusu Ansah

Dr Fred, what is your take on the current status of leadership, ministry and entrepreneurship in Africa?
I believe Africa and the world at large is in leadership crisis. We need to train strong leaders with the principles of the word of God. Ministry is as well in crisis. A lot of ministers unfortunately are running ministry in the wrong way and with very ugly motives. The church must encourage her members to get into entrepreneurship. It’s one of the ways the church will increase her influence.

Let’s talk about Dr Fred the man! Give us a bit of your social and family life.
I believe that family is a gift from God and so my greatest treasure and closest friends are my wife and kids. When I am in Ghana I spend much time loving my wife and raising my kids. I love to play soccer so I am mostly on the football field in my leisure hours
What is the worst experience you have gone through in life and in ministry and what lessons have you drawn from it?
The worst experience I have had in life and ministry was when I had to bury my first son who died a day after birth. We had already named him after my mentor BERNARD. We were so excited to welcome him but….my wife almost lost her life and so she was on admission at the police hospital and my son was transferred to ssnit hospital. The day Beryl was discharged, she sat in the car with wounds and breast ready to feed a child but BERNARD was shrouded in grave clothes in the booth of the car. We went together to bury him at Awudome are of Accra and went home empty handed. People left out church because they thought if a pastor can’t save his own child how safe are we. It was a terrible experience but I thank God for the lessons. The pain of loss is real and people need to go through good counseling after every loss. I also learnt that no condition is permanent. Every condition is subject to change.

Lady Beryl Korankye-Mensah

If you could spend time with someone who has attained the kind of success you are looking to reach, what questions would you ask them?
In this part of the world people love to receive money than secrets to success. Scriptures talks about the fact that when you sit with a successful person don’t desire his “delicacies’ but learn his way. I will ask the one important question HOW DID YOU GET HERE????
What social cause(s) do you support/advocate for?
Women empowerment and proper social welfare systems in Ghana
Man of God, if you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would be your occupation?
I guess I would be a footballer. I love soccer
How do you solve leadership challenges among your team members?
Jesus gave us a model to work with so whenever there’s a leadership issue we go to the Bible to use the principles Jesus taught us. OPENNESS. HONESTY. LOVE

How do you manage ministry and family at the same time? What challenges do you face in this regard?
Ministry and family are both very important and sensitive areas of a pastor’s life. I call them both full time jobs so managing both becomes very challenging. There’s the temptation of making one suffer. I will say that extra work is required in managing both. Pastors must learn to leave ministry in the office to a large extent when they come home. This is the first step among others to get this right. After all a great yard stick for measuring a person qualification for ministry is how well he/she manages family.
Most pastors struggle with financing (start-up capital and working capital). How is your experience, and what advice can you give?
When it comes to financing ministry, it only becomes a struggle when we put our faith outside God. It is His work. We should learn like Abraham to believe and act as GOD WILL PROVIDE. We should also exercise financial integrity. Obviously God uses people to finance ministry but one people have a feeling that their contributions towards church is being diverted to the pastor’s personal use, there’s a big problem. I have had personal struggles with finance but my faith is God alone. So the challenges always become testimonies
How do you network in order to increase your contacts?
Scripture advises that any person who wants a friend should be friendly. Relationships are very vital in ministry. This requires time and hard work. Be genuinely concerned about ministry contacts (people) God sends to you. Don’t give people the impression that you want to use them. Love is a powerful fierce and it’s reciprocal so whenever you sow love you reap it in abundance
What advice can you give to singles as they prepare for marriage?
Singles please don’t rush into marriage. Watch and pray and make sure you’re choosing character first then beauty second .

What advice can you give to married couples for them to avoid divorce and to enjoy marriage?
Married people, LOVE is the answer. Many married people don’t express the God kind of love in their marriage. But that is the answer to peace in marriage. Read carefully 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. Understand what the God kind of love is and practice it.
When you are long gone, Man of God, what would you like to be remembered for?
I will want to be remembered by the lives my ministry transformed by His grace
Any last words to our followers in general?
Final words: the purpose of man is to discover, love and serve God. Every other thing is secondary. Put a priority on your relationship with God and every other things will fall in place with time. Matthew 6:33
Thank you so much Man of God for taking time off your demanding schedule. We appreciate and value your useful advice.
Much blessings and God increase pleasures magazine

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