Meet Linda Afia Serwaah Nimakoh, A U.S. Based Ghanaian Youth Advocate

-Laments African Youths, Crazy Crave For U.S. Visa, Says The Grass Is Not Greener On The Other Side As It Seems.

The long time held belief by most African Youths that they will make it faster and bigger should they travel to America or Europe is a delusion.

A young Ghanaian lady, Linda Nimakoh, who currently lives and works in Chicago, U.S.A, has decried the alarming wave of crazy crave for visas to either America or Europe countries by most African youths in the delusional belief that they are liable to achieve financial success easier and actualize their life dreams fasrer over there, describing their belief as a delusion and their expectations as a mirage.

Miss Lynda Nimakoh who is studying Business Administration in one of the renown Colleges in Chicago and at the same time working as a Ward Assistant with a Home Care Institute and as an Administration Assistant in yet another institute, maintains that the grass is not greener on the other side, U.S. and Europe, as it seems to African youths back at home. Insisting that she was speaking from personal experience, Miss Lynda lamented the inhuman treatment that most Africans, including herself, who are already there are being subjected to by the white folks who see the coloured people as sub-haman vis-a-vis other associated ordeals that they have to live with every day in their efforts to garner their daily bread legitimately.

To my fellow African youths at home, especially Ghanaians and Nigerians, I have this to say, the land is not greener over here as you think or believe. As a matter of fact, the land is always greener at home. These white folks do not see us, blacks, as worthy human beings. They discriminate and segregate against us based on the colour of our skin and our race. They will not give you a job unless it is a low grade or dehumanizing job which they consider their own too classic to do. Your knowledge, skills and ingenuity do not count for anything much. Therefore, I admonish you to free yourselves from the delusional belief that the land is greener here and stop the crazy crave for visas to come here or go to Europe. Those of us who are already here are terribly missing home, and I, for one, plan to return home as soon as I am through with my studies,'she said.

In the light of the foregoing, Miss Linda Nimakoh advised African youths at home to stop waiting for the governments of their various countries but rise up and look inward, think creatively and work hard to tap the enormous virgin resources of the continent and create and produce goods and services that will attract the American and Europe market to come and buy from them in Africa. That is the only way they can restore their dignity of humanity and as well advance the economies of their various countries to compete favourably with the western world.

By Emmanuel Apeh


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