Meet Seer Daniel Dodoo of the Overflowing Life Ministry International

Seer Daniel Dodoo is the head pastor at Overflowing Life Ministry International, one of the most visited churches in Accra boasting of thousands of members. Seer Daniel who is a speaker, prophet and insightful individual is skilled in engaging people with God’s word and “passing powerful truths.”

Seer Daniel Dodoo – Head pastor, Overflowing Life Ministry International

Seer Daniel Dodoo operates with extraordinary prophetic mantle under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, helping to liberate people from all kinds of spiritual and socia-economic challenges. His ministry in the prophetic and the supernatural has resulted in saving many souls through miraculous deliverance and healing. A sought-after prophet of our time, he travels extensively with the message of Jesus Christ, preaching all over the world holding prophetic conferences and deliverance services.

Seer Daniel, also known by as the Oracle of God by his followers was called by God into full-time ministry fifteen years ago with Apostolic and Prophetic office and Anointing, the grace and measure of rule over his life has helped manifest the wonderful and significant fruits over the years in the area of Church-Planting, Raising Leaders, Shaping Visions and Building Society by the Word of God.

The prophetic grace and anointing of God over his life is one of the divine nugget which has made significant impact on many churches, organisations and individuals around the globe with divine accuracy, signs and a wonder to many.
Seer Daniel is a man of God whose ministry has brought the divine presence into the hearts of many all over Ghana and beyond. He is a firebrand prophet and an apostle with deep insight into the plans and purposes of God for this generation. God Has used him mightily in the prophetic office for deliverances, ministration of the word and prayer sessions which have shaped the destiny of thousands and caused them to live the victorious Christian life. He is a man sent from God, known for his unique prophetic gift, healing ministry and apostolic leadership, approved with miracles, signs and wonders who has made himself available in a mighty way for the body of Christ in these end times. In his church Overflowing Life Ministry International, there are countless of testimonies.
Seer Daniel Dodoo is married to Yvonne Dodoo and they are blessed with two children, Channelle Kekeli and Kendra Naa Shidaa Dodoo.

Lady Yvonne Dodoo

About the Church, Overflowing Life Ministry International

Overflowing Life Ministry International is the ministry founded eight years ago by Seer Daniel Dodoo in obedience to God’s instructions. It is a ministry that has the vision of taking the message across the nations of the world. Having taken over the baton form our Lord Jesus Christ to reconcile men to God through the gospel of salvation backed up with miracles, signs and wonders, and driven by an unquenchable evangelical thirst to spread it all over the world. The church which began with few people at a football park as a fellowship has now grown significantly with thousands of members.

Time of Worship
Sunday: Teaching service. 7:30am – 11:30am
Monday: Teaching service. 6pm – 9pm
Friday: Prophetic service 6pm – 11pm

Overflowing Life Ministry International is located behind Kitson Mills School, Korle-Gonno Accra Ghana.
Tel: 0244 822 206, 0544 703 767


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