Meet Solomon Tazibone – Ugandan Celebrity fashion stylist

  • Solomon Tazibone’s insight his life as a personal/celebrity/editorial fashion stylist who has worked with a couple of big names on the local scene in Uganda. He heads the African Woman fashion department as a fashion editor. He is also a panelist, on the NTV-Uganda style project, a weekly beauty and fashion show hosted by Sylvia Owori. Solomon currently operates in Uganda, Africa.

Describe your ‘I made it moment’.

I should say I have had a couple of progressive ‘I made it’ moments. First was working with Sylvia Owori and being creatively involved with the brand, then came my appointment as fashion editor for African Woman Magazine. I was thrilled at being on the panel of a TV fashion show and share with other fashion individuals like Sylvia Owori, Kleith Kyatuhaire & Linda Butare. My styling gig started off slowly but has grown with each client.

For how long have you been in the fashion industry?

Roughly three and a half years. Started off as a fashion intern and have never looked back since then.

As a fashion stylist, what are you required to do for your clients?

I select clothing and put together looks for music videos, print or television advertising campaigns, personal events (ie proms, weddings, graduations etc), published editorial features, concert performances, and any public appearances. My clientele includes everyone from a celebrity to an everyday person.

For starters, I need to know my clients personality, what they are comfortable with and not. This helps guide me in making appropriate wardrobe choices.

Your personal style is amazing, what’s your secret?

Thank you. I love to experiment with different themes and ideas. I let my personality guide me in as far as style choices. I do not really conform. I think trends are a good thing because fashion evolves through trends, but I only use them to inspire what I wear. My style sense is preppy and eclectic in equal proportions.

Solomon Tazibone

What inspires you?

Mood mainly. I dress according to how I feel.

What items do you have to splurge on?

Am a shoeholic. I would buy a pair without even thinking twice. I spend on everything. It comes with my job(s). TV is the most demanding of them all.I love shopping, its therapeutical!

Where/what are your favourite places to shop?

Anywhere from Mr. Price, thrift stores, yard sales to downtown.

Do you have any style tips specifically for the youth?

Hygiene and grooming go hand in hand with style. Poor hygiene denotes a negligent personality.

Try developing a signature style. Let your personality above everything else guide you because trends come and go keeping up may be more costly than having a distinct style sense that does not necessarily conform to what’s in.

Being fashion forward doesn’t have to be taxing to your finances. There are many stores with affordable pieces. You would rather have a variety of wardrobe pieces for the price of one expensive designer piece.

Does it cost a lot of money to have a stylist at hand? What is the price range like?

Like any service, professional styling comes at a cost. But it all depends on the amount of work done and prices different players in the field charge. There’s no general price structure. It’s worth investing in because one’s image is ones selling point.

What are the building blocks of a complete wardrobe?

For the Corporate individual; Maintain 50% work staple pieces, 30% dressy items and 20% casual basics.

For the ‘out and about’ individual; Maintain 30% work staple pieces, 40% dressy pieces and 30% casual basics.

Own atleast 6 pairs of shoes; one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, two pairs of dress shoes and two fancy pairs is a good place to start.

Invest in as many accessories as you can; different bags, jewelry, belts, scarves, neckties, hats etc. You would be surprised how many ways you would pull off one piece by just switching accessories.

Do you consider yourself a trend setter?

Yes. Many people keep asking about the clothes I wear, where I shop and even my haircut. Again, it comes with what I do.

Who qualifies as a true fashion icon?

To me, a fashion Icon is an individual famed for not only being fashion savvy, but for also influencing or inspiring the industry. It goes beyond flaunting the most avant-garde or “fresh-off-the-runway looks. A fashion icon should be able to embody the aspirations of the masses through fashion.

Whose closet would you most raid?

Pharrell Williams definitely. Kanye west has a good eye but am not into how he puts some of his looks together.

Fashion always excludes curvy women. What’s your philosophy on style and size?

It takes all sorts to make a world. Fashion designers should have that in mind.

What advice would you offer to someone considering being a fashion stylist? Does it take a lot of time and money to start?

Do a lot of research to perfect your craft. Challenge yourself, make connections and most of all be patient. Focus on exposure first then the dimes will eventually roll in.

Like any other craft, time is of the essence. You do not need millions in capital. Start off with basics, tools and accumulate as many pieces as you continue.

Who are some of your clients?

I have worked with Juliana Kanyomozi for an Oriflame makeup line shoot, Irene Ntale for an editorial shoot, Fille, Young Zee and Chozen for videoshoots, Sheila Gashumba, a couple of models for look book shoots and dressed cross section of clients for events.

What else would you like people to know about your job/career?

People should enlist stylists. Being able to put together particular looks does not make you a stylist; taste and creativity are innate.

How can someone find you if they need your services?

They can call/Whatsapp on +256706106953 or get in touch with me on social media;
Facebook: Tazibone Solomon(page&profile)
Instagram: tazibone_solomon
Twitter: kingX0l0mon

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