Meet the Creator of Hausaa_Fulanii Page on Social media – Mohammed Auwal Muazu

With more than 500k followers, Mohammed is the creator of @hausaa_fulanii, a northern northern page on instagram that promotes Hausa Fulani ethnic group on social media by producing content that is highly relatable to the tribe’s culture and its people, be it through words, pictures, music or aesthetics. The account’s posts have spread far and fast, and have attracted famous followers including Kannywood actors, entrepreneurs and government officials from the northern part of Nigeria.
We caught up Mohammed recently in Abuja and we have a chat on the making of the page.

Hey Mohammed! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Mohammed Auwal Muazu origin of Gombe state, raised and brought up in Kaduna state.
Take us through an average day in the life of Mr Mohammed?
Well! Since when I was young my parents encouraged me in what am doing so it inspired me, I like been creative, associate with different people from all walks of life it gives me courage and I learned a lot, because you can’t live alone.

Mohammed Auwal Muazu

What about your educational background?
I’m just a HND holder from Kaduna Polytechnic, Kadpoly
What inspired you to start your instagram page and what informed the name, Hausaa-Fulani?
Nigeria is heterogeneous society in nature, with over 250 ethnic groups and different backgrounds, this inspired me because it will help to promote peace and unity among the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria, and being a Fulani by birth l came to understand that the Hausa and Fulani speaking people intermarry and that molded their
culture, values, and norms. And they have some similarities in culture, values and morals. For example, the Hausa Fulani page focuses on promoting our norms and values to the world, as well as trying to bridge the gap between the southern-western and eastern part of the country, and to let the world know that we are equally exposure.
You shuttle between Kaduna to Abuja, why?
To network with the right people, sometimes is for business exploration.
You are also a Publicity Coordinator. What does that entail?
Apparently, we organized events for entrepreneurs usually to promote upcoming entrepreneurs or create awareness, for example, Fashions shows, Family Fun-fairs, food expo, concerts, entrepreneurs meet and greets etc.
How’s the PR industry like in the north?
Very challenging and stressful
What will you say sets you aside from other Instagram Northern page?
Genuine contain Focus, and Consistent.
You are a young entrepreneurial minded guy. How do you balance your personal and professional life?
My personal life style rhymes with my professional lifestyle. Motivation.

What will you say are your fascinations with posting northern content because looking at your photos on Instagram you seem to enjoy it?
It’s give me joy and motivation
What would you say is the main misconception the public have about the north and how can it be corrected?
Well, I think those that have this perception have never been there, because is a peaceful environment that will motivate you to be well established , they are accommodating, trustworthy ,great minds, and equally they are encouraging people in all walks of life.
The main misconception in the north is
1. Some think we are parasites,
2. We are not educated
We have abandoned our natural resources, and we have vast farm land, and if we utilize our resources we would not be jobless and we can make a big difference.
The burden of government is high and government can’t provide everything for us let join hand to build our land because education is everything, I urge our leaders, business men and women to invest in the education sector.
Tell us two things people don’t know about you?
Firstly, I don’t wish to spend my life living in one place. That idea frightens me and secondly, I have seen failure, I know what it takes to be backward. Most people don’t know how strong I am to survive anything that comes along the way to me being a success today.
What has been your biggest challenge?
How did growing up in the north influence your current style?
Apparently we have the potentials and talents so it influenced me to explore and already l have the passion.
Seeing you’re doing your dreams, what advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?
Well, just be prayerful, have patience, have passion with what you are doing, endure and keep moving, life will be bright Insha Allah.
Any specific plans for the future?
I can’t say much but I have plans, but for now I want to explore and know how to expand my network
Who can advertise on your page?
Upcoming entrepreneurs or well established companies that need to create awareness or want to promote their business services or events publicly to reach out to larger audience particularly in the northern part of the country.

Your final word.
Take advice with a grain of salt. Because nobody knows everything and no one piece of advice applies to all situations.
Never give up on your dreams, keep believing in yourself, keep pushing, keep on learning, explore and network with new people..

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